Kalishane, it's not just a match making issue


Also players are reporting getting stuck on the loading screen when attacking camps. Seems to be all beta players. War needs to be shut down and sorted out. 3 war cans won’t fix this clusterf##k.


It worked when towers were giving energy =\


Nope its not… Its being booted during attacks trying to attack.


Is it bad i checked to see if that was still working :joy:




Its not just war some people havent gotten their lvl up rewards yet either


Can’t attack, can’t insta. I’m done.


Also happening on live regions too. Not just Beta.


Yeah, when they say it’s happening to beta players they mean it’s happening to players who have the beta version. Those players are bugged no matter what region they are trying to war in.


Why cant we get some kind of acknowledgement?@kalishane


Yeah i know that, but the bugs are happening in live regions also, not JUST Beta.

We need live regions fixed too. It’s not all about Beta.


My game is doing the same thing, click on a camp and it just sits there. Have to get out of the game to fix it and then it shows they defended an attack from me and it takes an energy.


Are you saying its affecting non beta players?


We have a player who left beta months ago yet is still affected


Beta doesn’t even have war :slight_smile:️. While it may be unclear to you, it would be obvious to anyone who has anything to do with the game code that when people say ‘seems to be all beta players’, it means it is affecting live regions.


No beta players in my faction can attack anyone. Non beta players can. Screenshot_20180511-203755_Walking%20Dead|690x335


It’s affecting iOS users as well. I’ll put that way.


Factionmate is on version 12 somehow Not even a part of beta and can’t attack


Hmm…12??? Not in beta, better have them double look alot of people have been put in beta that haven’t signed up for beta ever. I have 2 in my faction and know of at least 3 others…


The way you put it is we are sayin it all about BETA…and referring the way you are makes it sound as if we are warring in BETA and we aren’t…so yea.