@Kalishane is the Golden nugget event the Christmas event?


You said there would be a wheel,daily collections,Meuseum ETc. @kalishane is the gold nugget event the Christmas event? Yay or nay?


It starts in 2 days…there been no leaks for it. This could be it


It’s supposed to start. It can start earlier


Somebody wisely pointed out earlier that this doesn’t have much of a christmas theme so it could be an event for p2p to run alongside the one that is supposed to start in 2 days.


Remember… “Subject to change” so who knows if this is the Xmas event


Wtf? Stupid? Are you serious? Its not the first time she came out with the subject to change quote… And i know that they are 2 separate events Stronzo pezzo di merda che non sei altro. Non sai chi e tuo padre!


E careful this forum is full of snowflakes


Mo uaglió c sta frcat, vatt a scittà a mar trmon


@kalishane can we get a preview of the wheel?


Ah Pugliese… Mur hudu f oxx il liba ommok ja pufta. Lanqas taf min hu missierek ja demel


Anyway… My original comment was meant as a joke… Buona notte!


@kalishane and how many events/ roadmaps /raids can we expect to get these nuggets in this would help people decide what to try to go for Wyatt or the gear