@Kalishane : How to stop the creation of threads that you are forced to delete


Scopely’s new plan on handling the general frustration here seems to be deleting everything that shows unrest.

This includes:

  • Threads against spending
  • Threads promoting leaving the game (goodbye threads)
  • Threads “exposing” lies (claiming that Kalishane is dividing the community etc… conspiracy threads)
  • Other threads with a negative light towards Scopely : greed, dishonesty etc…

While covering up all the evidence of this may seem like a good solution it’s not. Why?

a) (@Kali) It’s wasting your time to cover this stuff up.
b) It’s inciting more anger and frustration - not only are you not hearing us, now you’re telling us to shut up
c) when you delete conspiracy threads, you make them more believable in player’s eyes.

The strategy you SHOULD be taking is:

Step 1 : Acknowledge broken promises, and apologize.
Step 2 : Reassure the community that you’re not out to get them
Step 3 : Back up your reassurance by showing us legitimate progress : Release some free to play 6*s, make the prizes better, stop making excuses that just don’t make sense (Bad for meta / low on characters / personnel rotation) Actions speak louder than words

I’m not trying to complain - I’m really trying to help here. Why? Because this is a legitimately good game, but ill-advised decisions are leading to its fall. People are quitting like crazy, and almost everyone is unhappy with the way things are going.

Prizes continue to spiral lower in quality, and the game continues to feel more pointless. You can still fix it.

My advice?

-Take on some top players as advisers. Give them direct contact with the live ops and development team. People like Just A Box, Jaymak and Lockdown.

These are players popular among the community, and if Scopely followed the directions they advise in their videos, the game would be at an all time high. Instead, we see people in open rebellion on the forums, and the game at an all time low.

I hope this is helpful.

These threads violating Terms and Conditions are being created because people are frustrated.

Instead of deleting them, just work to ease their frustration, and there won’t be threads created that you need to delete.


I just want Shane to respond to my PM’s mannnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn


I wasn’t aware any conspiracy threads were deleted but I agree, it causes more harm than anything.

I will continue to do my best and have apologized when I have made mistakes. I will do so if and when that happens. Otherwise, I will continue to push for what was agreed to.

I am not out to get anyone. Believe me, having to warn and suspend is frustrating and soul-sucking.
My goals are as follows:

  1. Mend the upset within the community to promote a positive experience for players within our ecosystem.
  2. Create a community home for players to share strategy, be informed ahead of time, and the ability to interact with the dev team.
  3. Gather your feedback and present to the team daily, weekly, and monthly to make sure they are up-to-date on the sentiment.

Going forward, I will not post where I don’t know the answer to save time and put action towards other areas of my position. This should remove the feeling of vague-ness as I honestly don’t have a set answer so I won’t complicate it. However, I will not tolerate being bullied for posting on threads I feel comfortable contributing to. I will be promoting postivity as well.

I’ve been building out an influencer program for the past week or so and have reached out to those I am aware of. The same rules apply to influencers in this case. Criticism is fine, but I won’t be able to support those that break TOS or Rules and Guidelines as expected.

Deletions so only occur if it’s truly inflammatory and will cause chaos for the sake of chaos. If you are sitll unsure of what a post was closed, always feel free to PM me – I’m here!

Where is @Kalishane?

I apologize! I haven’t checked PMs yet today – will get there by end of day!


I just had two posts flagged lol


Happy Monday everyone!


I was reading a post earlier and it was being deleted as fast as I was reading it by andrea…it wasn’t inciting aggression or containing foul language, if y’all don’t wanna see our thoughts or know how we feel shut the forum down cause this is getting ridiculous…all we want is answers to fair questions,and for those answers to hold some semblance of truth


I think not responding at all when a question has been repeated by 100 different people is the WRONG way to go. Please please please tell us. Tell us that you do not know yet and will have to talk to the team about it. It causes less frustration and madness if there’s a statement confirming that something is not known/released yet.

Example: Wednesday/Thursday night before a war weekend rolls around. People are wanting to know the rewards. PLEASE do not just ignore the 25,639 posts questioning if they are known yet and go reply to some other thread because that’s super frustrating. You could simply say “I don’t know yet, will let you guys know as soon as I know!” It would be much appreciated, I’m sure! Transparency is key.

That’s a great example^


I thought so! But there’s a post from Friday where it seems to have caused more hurt than help.

We just honestly don’t have dates – and I don’t feel comfortable giving timeframes i’m not 100% promised on because that would be seen as a lie. I promise to inform when I(and the team) 100% know.

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Just got my first flag/deletion. I’m heartbroken man :neutral_face:


Feels bad man. It happens to the- well most of us.


@kalishane I sense your frustration with this forum. You’ve put a lot of effort into over that last couple months… I will not ever take that away from you…

But please, please image doing this for two plus years… because some of us veterans players have. Look at the passion from these people. People have spent thousands and thousands of hours and dollars into this game and it’s slowly being taken from them in the crudest way possible.

Deleting threads and banning players when all we have is each other is the worst move I have seen made yet… Sometimes you have to agree to disagree with a thread or a member and let it be so we still at least have one another


Guess we won’t be hearing to much more from her then. Not much positive stuff on here these days :-/