@Kalishane Disneyland

@Kalishane What’s your favorite Ride/attraction,Food and best looking place. I’m going at the end of March. It would be nice if you went. :slight_smile:


Come on op. We trying to get real answers in threads and u distracting with this lol


We need distractions sometimes lol


I cant argue that but we need answers too

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We aren’t gonna get answers. Kalis over worked and swamped with questions. We need a second Kalishane

Yeah but drawing her into feeds like this is not gonna get us answers sooner

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But we’re not getting answers anyways. Might as well make her job dinner again.

Why, her job is hard enough.

Let her have some fun

I’m not saying she shouldn’t ha e fun of course she should but she’s not gonna have fun being bludgeoned with shit posts

Stalker Alert :astonished:

It’s not a shit post lol

No just a fan :slight_smile:

Let’s see what Kali thinks but I think it’s just another post that is wasting her time

All of yalls vicious assaults and stupidity ruins her time lol

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Well said

This whole community is very salty/toxic now. We need some positive vibes and happy little trees in this forum

That’s exactly what a stalker would say.

…your picture freaks me out…

That’s a fair point but at the moment the needs of the many out way the few and the many want answers, sorry I probably ruined your positivey