Kalishane,Christmas event?

@kalishanea any info? Wheel,release date? Etc…

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Bet the toons are gonna be premier only.

I think if any of them aren’t,ezekial would be the free one

I’ll take that bet.


Any info would be great, even if it is “it’ll start some time next week”

I have the info.

X-Mass is traditionally celebrated on Dec 25th


@kalishane What time and day does it start? What kind of event (Raid,roadmap,Museum etc)? Will there be a token wheel (5* only,Gear,6* maybe)? Any free Gifts? Any Decorating? Etc

20 day event collecting coal nuggets, trade in coal nuggets for a larger coal nugget then trade that coal nugget in for a diamond. Two diamonds required to pull anything, first diamond is free* the second one will cost you.


A date would be great even if no other info is released @kalishane

Is this a post that you dont know the answer to… so wont respond? @kalishane

And odds are rubbish like safety helmets and hiking boots are on the prize wheel

Hey guys! We’re aiming for Dec. 14th - 25th! *subject to change as most events do. :slight_smile:


Not much time to make all those shiny new toons premiere recruits. :wink:

Thanks for the date span! At least we know we are almost close to the event. My thanks, @Kalishane

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Premier recruits EVERYWHERE this Christmas.


That must mean we’ll get premier recruits on war, Survival Road, Events, Raids, Roadmaps…

It would be loevely for the META, I am SURE of it.

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Thanks for the heads up.

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Can i trade in my 180k broken ornaments finally?

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Any info on what the event will be

@kalishane any other bits of info you can give us ;)?