@kalishane can you give more information on the Christmas event besides the start time?


Perhaps if there is a Wheel,Farmable tokens (for the wheel),raid drops,5*/6* wheel,Free gifts Etc. @kalishane


You’ll know more next week!

There’s a wheel, collectibles, collections daily which render a new gift every day! :slight_smile:


Can these collectibles not be in high level up milestones and in raids?


They’re in raids and a special winter roadmap!
However, they will always be offered in high milestones as a way to catch up at the end. But! I’ve been told if you miss 1-2 days you should still be able to be a part of mostly everything!


Cool thankss for the information looks like I’m not burning cans this raid event then, in other news can you please reply to the death threats thread


It’s been replied to :slight_smile:

Horrible Christmas Event Kickoff

Ah my bad must have been while I was typing


She replied about 10 minutes or so ago :slight_smile:


Can’t wait for the bag of dildos in the milestones


Can you tell us roughly how long this event will run i.e is the typical 30 odd days? :slight_smile:


She mentioned somewhere that i coincides with "12 days " of Christmas…

So dont know if it will carry past Christmas or even to New Year


Thank you, I obv missed that. Figured it would be a shorter event, but best not to assume.
Let’s hope the rewards are worth it!


Why? Why are they so high?


I’m just excited to have a reason to raid again besides faction revenge. I enjoy raiding.


Why take a quote out of context?