Kalishane are discord invites allowed?


There is a discord chat just for the walking dead road to survival made by @Justabox. I just wanted to know if I could bring more people to the discord chat :slight_smile:


If it doesn’t violate ToS then go for it. I checked and it doesn’t seem off limits, but you check too just to be sure.


Hmm interested to hear more about this chat.


I’m interested in this chat also.


Absolutely! :slight_smile:
I wanted to make an official one down the road to help coordinate feedback roundtables, etc.

We could try this one out for now if you’d like!




Sounds like good


How it feels to finally get into the war party before the others​:arrow_up::arrow_up::arrow_up:



It looks like that site posted about the discord but it is not associated with it.


Just making sure because that website doesn’t even have that info on it, it seems to just be in the description with his yahoo email and everything.


Yea that’s scary and strange. I couldn’t get it by searching either!


Thank you!


You can join it too if you want to :slight_smile:


I added it to the community content thread! :slight_smile:

& – I might poke in! Trying to save what time I do have to be here right now!


Sounds good :slight_smile: