@kali help war can drop rate


I think it’s pretty much commonly believed that the blitz war with no can drops was a mistake where Scopely attempted lower the drop rate, but due to incompetence, removed them completely.

Since then, can drops have been at an all time low, and I understand the idea : if we don’t give them free cans, they will buy more - more profit.

Let me explain to you why this is not the case, and why you need to increase can drop rates. Regardless of whether or not you nerfed them.

Personally, it really pisses me off when you try to force me to buy something. If I’m enjoying war and want more, I’ll buy more. If I’m going 30 (and I’m not being sarcastic, 30) battles without a single can drop, I’m left with a bad taste in my mouth and I’m not buying your offers.

Furthermore, in the past I would often coin 2 - 3 times in each battle, when the battles were intense. Because there was no reason to stop fighting. Now I coin 2-3 times IN AN ENTIRE WEEKEND.

Now, all eight of the people in the war party have 0 cans. We all agreed not to coin repair so we can just move onto the next war, since we don’t have the energy for a long fight anyway.

This means our entire faction has stopped spending coins on repairs, and the enemy faction we’re fighting doesn’t have to coin either because they aren’t being destroyed as much.

Surely you can see that :



This blitz war I have finally reached 0 cans, and I have not coined a single time, and will not coin the rest of the war until I have the energy to spend. Otherwise, what’s the point?



If many Top Factions are playing easy, the smaller ones can tryhard i think. Thats the only thing what makes sense to me to Coin in a Lootwar.


Hi Reckless,

Thank you for taking the time to write this. I want to set expectations and state that drop rates will not increase. Based on data, it’s not something we can do. That being said – we’ll work where we can on improving areas of the game that align with what the community wants and what we can do as a business.

Kindest regards,



From the topic in the last forums where I asked this same question. When was the last time the drop rate for the war cans was changed?


Im confused. Based on data its not working to increase the Drop Rate, but it’s able to reduce the drop rate, huh?


What she is saying is not to get your hopes up. They will not put the drop rates of cans back to where they were pre ascension. Since they did such a job of the 6*, and nobody is really buying them they need to get the revenue from other sources like war can sales.


@kalishane Did I get that right?


In other words, if you aren’t happy with these drop rates the only other way will go is to make them worse. Be happy with what you get. #playersfirst


Funny thing is i don’t coin anymore for rebuild because whats the point of rebuilding fast when u don’t have the refills to fight?
I bought a war bag last week and that was the last war bag ever because also i had a bad taste in my mouth. Not only the price is higher, u get less cans for it. Actually can because yes, i only got one, thx scopely.
Only players in top factions will still buy refills with as result there will be a huge difference in points and it doesn’t matter anymore how active u are.
In the meantime i’m playing my second blitz war and still waiting on my first can, before ascendance people used blitz war to farm war cans so scopely can say what they want but they definitely changed the drop rate.

So now i am a f2p player, why pull for 5stars when they made them look as bad 4stars compared to legendaries?
Why buy a bag for a high price when u get the lowest amount and so i can go on and on.
This game is so fun and has so many potential but someway and somehow they always find a way to screw it.

With that being said i’m looking forward to the changes in scavenger missions.
If i finally get equal chances in lvl up tournaments as everyone else then that would be a huge improvement.
However if its another dissapointment i’m out.


@kalishane When was the last time the drop rate for war cans was changed?




I actually really appreciate a straight up honest answer. Thanks!


From what i’ve heard it sounds like they haven’t since the beginning? That’s what it sounds like when we discuss it at least – it could’ve been way back?


Agree, I have used my coins from leveling up. Those offers are good but I lost out on over 80 cans since that war without cans happened. Once I’m out of coins and cans, I’ll probably just end up quitting if I can’t enjoy war by playing for free.


Not that. Their profits will take hits from this. No one in my faction coins anymore cause no energy to spend.

Not sure what the cause is, but just one less thing to buy (repairs)

@kalishane is there any chance they could be added to SR or SP depots?


What a blatant lie, just lost all respect for you.


“not something you can do” according to who?
The coders?
The share holders?
The canned response team?


Before the 6* came i got sometimes 10 Cans a War if i used some. Now im doing 10 Wars without a single Can Drop.


I’m averaging 5 cans a war, but I’m dropping like 15-20 a war. Always have a net loss now at the end of war, before I can get a surplus.


My drop rate seems the same as always. It was never great. I had wars before that blitz when i end up a few up, a few down, or a lot up or down. I was 9 down at the weekend, now I’m back where i started after first blitz. Getting tower at the beginning gives a refill quite often, and it never used to.