Kal Offer for 6k coins



good step forward scopley will there be any shields or revives in near further as players if price was a bit cheaper be more appropriate


I hope not, we dont need the game flooded with dupes cuz they are “cheap”. They arent supposed to be selling 6 stars anyway


I hope so I like selling of six stars .


easy free coins from offers


Weird that the exclusive character weapons seem to be in bundles; like Hunter’s Rifle and Spencer’s Onslaught Rifle.


He is not worth 6k coins, just saying


erika will be for 30k coins. so generous :roll_eyes:


He’s free. Not worth it.


If you’re not buying don’t make a thread about it


That’s like half the threads about offers on here though…


I think it’s a decent offer, but I don’t have any coins at the moment.


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