Kal isn't happy


Seems I annoyed kal a bit


Haha i like this


Mum called him in. Dinner‘s ready, end of playtime outside.


Wait where did you get decapitate Alpha?


Beta, we got 22 new 6 stars to test.


Maybe Kal doesn’t like the competition?


Lmao this is fantastic.


Or siddiq is saving the world by not causing a paradox when looking at his past self


Siddiq: “Umm… So as i was saying… This way, guys!”



Koa just pulled lads
Koa x Erika I wonder what op baby they will make




I usually experience the same thing while dealing with zombies. Some teammates turn towards each other (with guns/axes/knives) after you finish a wave (applies only when zombies come from both directions).


I move to leave this bug in game.

All in favor


Let’s make a bug a feature instead let’s turn it from a bug to a humerus bug so raiding has some emotions


Like when someone gets confused they turn around like that, implement this @CombatDevIl :heart:


Even better combine this with the giant bug :slight_smile:


They are confused, thus they don’t know where they must look at. jk

It was a knock on from another facing issue we had on 10.0, a bug has been logged for this issue already.


I gotta say I think we all appreciate how responsive you and @CombatMan are when something is wrong. Really you’re the saving grace for the forums lately. It seems like most of the community gets ignored for most other issues so it’s nice actually having somebody reliably respond.


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