Kal is crazy overpowered

…just kidding. The worst 6* def in the game as a doubletaunter. Please someone provide me with his fresh lvl1 t1 stats. Does his defstat actually go down ??


It does lol


xD bump. Where are those stats ??

At level 1 tier 1. Not saying he’s got good defense, but after the first couple levels, he out defends any max level 5 star.

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Exactly, he earns almost 270(!!!) Def till lvl 90. xD
Why defend this Darwinaward contestant ?


Like I said, not saying he’s any good. I was just trying to put it in perspective. He’s still statistically better than any 5 star in the game, so it would be misleading to compare his starting stats to the end stats of a 5 star.

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Count me in

Liveops grows it. That’s why they run the game


I did some math work on it to see what’s going on.

Kal’s total stats end up being about the same as every other 6 star though. His attack his high and his health is extremely high, in exchange for extremely low relative defense. Normal attacks will be very roughly the same in their affect on him as if he had 1500 defense and health. Let’s assume for a simulation that kael has 1000 defense and 2000 health. Now let’s say he’s attacked by a blow that deals 100 damage (the attacker has 1000 attack) against that 1000 defense. It’ll take 20 hits to kill kal at that rate. Now let’s say he has 2000 defense and 1000 health. Those 100 damage hits now deal 50 damage. It still takes 20 hits to kill him. Now let’s say he has 1500 defense and 1500 health. Each hit deals 75 damage. That’s still 20 hits to kill him. Now let’s say he has 500 defense and 2500 health, for kicks and giggles. Each hit is now dealing 200 damage to him, so he dies in 13 hits (12.5 rounded up to the nearest hit). Switch it and say he has 2500 defense and 500 health. He’s taking 40 damage per hit now, so again it will be 13 hits (12.5 rounded up).

Let’s give the attacker 1500 attack now. Give kal 1,000 defense and 2,000 health, and each attack is dealing 150 damage to him. It’ll take 14 hits (13.33 rounded up to the next hit) to kill him. The attacker deals 100 damage when kal has 1500 defense and 1500 health, so kal would die in 15 hits. Now let’s give him 2000 defense and 1000 health. Again, that’s 14 hits, 13.33 rounded up. Now let’s give him 500 defense and 2500 health. 9 hits (8.33 round up) to kill. 2500 defense and 500 health. 9 hits (8.33 round up).

The enemy has an attack stat of 2,000. When kal has 2,000 defense and 1,000 health, each attack deals 100 damage. 10 hits to kill. Now 1500 health and 1500 defense. 12 hits to kill (11.25 rounded up). Now 1,000 defense and 2,000 health. 10 hits to kill. 500 defense and 2500 health? 7 to kill (6.25 rounded up). 2500 defense and 500 health? 7 to kill (6.25 rounded up).

Alright, now let’s give the attacker 500 attack and see what happens.
500 def, 2500 health: 25 hits
1,000 def, 2000 health: 40 hits
1500 def, 1500 health: 45 hits
2,000 def, 1,000 health: 40 hits
2500 def, 500 health: 25 hits

We’ve got a pretty solid conclusion here: when the defense and health stats are closer together, the toon tends to survive just as well or, more often, better than if a toon with the same total defense and health stats favored one stat over the other.

There’s an added catch in how scopely calculates attacks: a flat 15-30 damage or so (exact value unknown) is added to an attack before being calculated against modifiers like evasion, guardian, or absolute defense. This is why you never see damage values between 1-15 or so unless you’re attacking someone with evasion. Since this damage ignores defense values, this means that health is more effective at protecting against it. But that’s not to say that health is always better than defense.

What changes the dynamic even more is how battle effects interact with defense and health. Kal’s high health means he benefits more from health bonuses/buffs (territory and tower bonuses, weapon skills, and leader skills), healing, revive, and bonus health (since healing is a percentage and not a set value). It also means he is better than a toon with less health at surviving flat damage attacks such as burn, bleed, and maim.

His low defense, however, means he benefits less from defensive bonuses/buffs buffs (including defense buffing specialist skills, rushes, items, territory and tower bonuses, weapon skills, and leader skills), less from evasion (not a factor in kal’s case), is a bad toon to pain split with because he will transfer much more additional damage to his teammates (same with when he dies from a waste not attack), and becomes far more vulnerable to damage when his defense is debuffed than a toon with high defense would, since this would bring the defense stats to an extreme low, and as established above, extreme lows are dangerous even if your health is high.

There IS a plus, however minor, to low defense and high health that you can’t get with low health and high defense, and that is that reflect damage weapons become a lot more effective because you’re reflecting much higher damage at the loss of the same percentage of health as if your health and defense flipped values.

So yeah, that’s how that all works. Based on this, all factors aside from stats notwithstanding, the weapons that kal is more effective with than other 6 stars would be heal self when killing (because he has high damage and healing is effective on him), reflect damage (high damage output when reflecting), random heal (might heal himself), self healing, bonus heal (when healed, recover more health), a health increase, and an attack increase.

Happy trails!


Yeah nice word wall. People pass judgement way to quick without putting characters in the best scenarios first I feel like people look too much into the character and not what this character can do with other characters.
Example for KAL is with him having high hp can work on a huge advantage with bonus hp characters and pain split characters.


I guess cutting def would be more like:
1000def = 1000dmg
900def = 1200dmg
800def = 1400dmg
700def = 1800dmg
600def = 2600dmg

@Sean_of_the_dead ?

Not quite. Damage is roughly calculated by

((Attacker Damage stat • multipliers)/(defender defense stat • multipliers))•100+15 to 30 - evasion or absolute defense if applicable

I don’t know the exact formula, but based on the data I’ve acquired, it appears to be something very close to that.

Pretty sure the formula is effective atk / effective Def * base with +/- 5% dmg rng roll.

Where this blows up on your modeling is the trait advantage is a 2x damage multiplier which causes a magnifying effect when the defense is low. For hp to compensate it would need to scale more than 1 to 1 with defense.

If you are going to use Kal, his use is as a guardian that can hold a stun sword. Doesn’t leave a whole lot of design flexibility. Other noticeable specials would be bonus Def or AP down.

On offense I expect him to be quite useful defense less useful.

FYI I graphed this out and found the base damage was somewhere around 150. What I didn’t do is try to figure out if the base scales with some other Stat calculation. Maybe one day I will get ambitious but generated the data attacking a single toon at a fixed defense which was a Carl beefed up to like 2300 defense

Yes I nerded it up. Scientist by trade, so hard to not dig deeper when something peaks my interest.


Well, the data doesn’t lie! Nice work! I’d definitely be interested to see your calculations continue

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It’s just dumb. Why dumb down his original purpose and turn him into a weird damage/taunt hybrid. He’s just asking for death if he taunts even one red.

Then the kicker is the fact that, rather than putting him in a stash like past legacies they insist he’s good enough to be a premier wheel toon. It baffles me.


I feel for all Kal owners thinking he was gonna be sweet. I’m actually disappointed he’s so mediocre. 9/10 folks are Carl lead. Would have possibly added another dynamic.

Anybody that runs him defence is sucicide. Doesn’t matter behind Carl or whatever weapon, I don’t think he will suffice… such a waste.