@justabox are you gonna pull for santa shiva?

@Justabox are you gonna pull for winter shiva?

@Mamadeadhead are ya gonna pull for winter shiva?

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I did 2 10 pulls :sob::sob::sob: nothing

Gonna do more/post results on Yt?

@Mamadeadhead ^^^^^^^^

Justabox will be playing other games, according to his most recent video.

Single,10 or 40? 6*/5*?

Did 14 pulls for shiva, also nothing :sweat_smile:

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@Britgirl 10 or 40?

a ten pull

@britgirl TIGHT,I’m torn between pulling for her or jesus. How is she?

havent used her yet, shes out on a scav mission at the moment

Congrats all the same

Hey a five is good for me right now, retired form one regions and just started in new region, so any five helps right now tbh.

Can’t afford to do more :broken_heart: but I will be posting results

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Befuddled why anyone would pull for this shiva…she really sucks

just wanted to have a shiva with a Christmas get-up. Some people pull for aesthetic purposes

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10 pull just got this …

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Always reminded me of this:


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