Just wow talk about bad


How’s this gonna help


When a stage requires 200 of them
and the precentage at getting the 1,000 is 0.01%


Don’t buy it then. Test tubes will be in the milestones for the faction level up tomorrow at minimum and probably in the solos next week


Some people didn t read the description… Lol


Sometimes the pay to play I’ve to educate the free to plays, am I right?!?


I dont got the coins only at 119.


The struggle is real #whalelife


Dont buy them ffs, this is for people who dont like money, i mean why would you spend for mediocre toons, esp ones you will get for free, its lije the people who spent to get solange faster lol


Dont hate on the p2w. I mean, they probably have horrible money managment skills and cant save to pay for those economics courses. Poor folks…probably impulse buy infomercials at 3am. :joy:


I just realized I’m screwed! Are they going to give another to unlock the stage again? Now that I’m short and it’ll be relocked before I get more.
So lame


Those boxes are for suckers. If your gonna pay for any of them the one for $10 bucks at least gets you 2400 of the tubes.

But really for 2 toons that have gen 1 stats and really don’t help out much with the current meta we better be able to complete the collection for free.

If they were smart they would have made money off selling the stage unlocks for the people willing to pay for the other toon. Then again it’s early who’s to say that isn’t already in the works.


Don’t buy this shit. There’s an offer for 10.99 in the store that gives you enough to finish with one spare.


agreed, if we don’t have whales, scopely makes no money and we prolly see ads in the game


What if they will be given in small quantities?


First milestone has 200 tubes

Guess it’ll be this way for next 2 weeks worth of level ups


I suggest you guys don’t buy. There’s more than enough level ups to earn these test tubes.

I am a casual spender but I am not buying…


Still not very much.
Edit: beat.


What happened to the silver medals. Just made it that much harder to get a character without having them in faction level up.


We do. Tapjoy. It generates quite the revenue stream for good ol scopes. Gg.


I get people being weary on trusting there will be ways to obtain test tunes besides money. However if the people complaining on the forums took a few moments to research the event you will see they are available elsewhere. If you took the time to come here why not double check first. I’m actually pretty let down by this event lol if u can call it an event. I’m a casual spender and went ahead and got the one offer with test tubes as I wasn’t certain I’d be free this weekend to participate in events, Finished road maps and was like wow that wasn’t an event that was a few road maps…