Just wondering why does scope collect so much

There is either a leak in data or massive spying or something going on for the GB of data being stored for the forums.
With chrome browser even after you clear data and cache the normal way, if you go to settings\site settings\storage it still have GB of data.

It’s also crazy the amounts of trackers just being used here also. When using (Firefox focus) with full block of trackers and other stuff, you get a amount massive amount that had\is being blocked. One time I got over 100 trackers blocked being on here 15minutes

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Mine bucket is better than yours

Oki doki

I just wonder with most phones not having supper amounts of storage, if them sucking up so much space with their forums if maybe the game would work better?
I guess whatever they are trying to collect off here is more important then the game.

Holy data mining batman! @ForumAdmin @ForumModerator @GR.Scopely @JB.Scopely @TayTron @Shawn.Scopely is their a reason the storage is so high? Even after clearing history, cookies, cache, etc.

I will be taking this to some of my buddies to see what can be done with this and what this is about and will be making a post on the PU forums about it. Thank you @Someloser for bringing this to peoples attention

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Ha scopely getting desperate they are crypto mining in the background or using that auto play invisible ads to generate income.

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They can get in so much trouble for that lol

Just checked and i had a total of 6gb from these forums and on my PU forums i have 2.9kb.

I cleaned up my original post, typed it out half asleep.
Try out Firefox focus browser enable all blocking stuff and see how much these forums block. I’ve had times where it has been worse then going to Verizon’s Yahoo and they data mine everything.

Theirs also multiple of them, i had 3 and one was almost 6gb before i cleared everything!

I’m fairly new, so in 2 months, almost 3gb…bruhh
NSA be like…teach us your ways Scopely looool

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Yeah I noticed this months ago, been keeping an eye on it. The problem here is if you try saying anything, because of the culture scope created, many might think “oh, tin hat Time” but I said screwed it and shared.
It’s nuts how normal it’s been for these forums to be the biggest hog of storage during this time, something is going on.

It’s also crazy that you need to know to go to “site setting” to clear, Why is data being stored after normal clear?

The people here are some of the most brain washed robot sheep i have come across and yea i made a post about it. I use an amazing app called Ccleaner, clean my phone out each week, history, cache, residue files, etc. I know that can really slow a device down over time so i keep mine clear, i have a few programs and know my way around tech, pc, phones, net, etc very well and none have cleaned that 6gb! Of all the other sites i had, them combined doesnt take the space these forums do so yes something is going on.

I see a little bit tho, theirs another forums running, mine had 3 which totalled over 6gb and this is with me clearing this each week.

Another really good reason to do normal clean up, I do this, is that when you go to or click anything it is being data mined by Apple, Google, Amazon, Facebook and governments.
Sure not all is bad, BUT what ends up happening is you start to get fed things with algorithms that feed your personality, life, or what someone else is trying to push, wether that be ads, news, life, religion, anything and everything. By clearing and cleaning, all though getting harder, can bring something new different.

Well i also run a program when i use the net, it does random searchs each second, so like, apple, basketball, blue, car, dog, book, etc. And confuses many data mining algorithms. My phone is rooted with a custom windows phone os so i custom it to what i want. If someone wants to see all the porn i have by all means but i will always fight for my freedom and privacy.

“Those who value security over freedom, deserve neither” - Benjamin Franklin

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Its storing insane amounts of cookies, have a look at my post, now its back over a gb and after i blocked cookies i was not able to log into an account for the forums.

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Wait, what? Scopely doing shady stuff for money… now I have seen everything…

End sarcasm.


Well I’m glad I’m not the only one who thinks it is nuts. It’s the same for me it’s like instant GB of data stored once logging in. I’ll get to over 3gb in a day off just checking in.

I’m really thinking crypto mining or invisible ads, but without the tools to lock into seeing direct data, I can’t say.

Im going to test it by not logging in to see if it stores anything and also test again with cookies disabled at a week each test to see whats up with that. If my guess is right, we make an account here and we are being profiled and having are data sold and lots of data stored on our device, if so i will be leaving these forums and encourage others to so also.

This isnt scopely.
It is https://www.discourse.org/
The software they use for the forum