Just wondering when ascending

I’m wondering if anyone has found a special combination of 4* characters to get a certain outcome for a character? Example would be if you used only all one trait always gets the same character, or if say two of each trait for the 8 used gets the same outcome?
I haven’t paid attention when I’ve ascended my 4*'s but know some of you out there do, as to why I’m asking. I’m just tired of getting the same characters like Joshua, Ben, Oberson and figured maybe something else I could try.

Weird thing is this feature is NOT predefined - there is no formula.

Just recently, I used my 4⭐ Tyrese (Leader) as a base for Ezekiel. My fodder contained ANB Maggie (Leader), Thompson (Soldier), Chad and Rod (Rebels), and the rest were Basils. So two leaders and rebels out of everything else (not taking trainers into account). For Rosa and Abraham, some were trainers and everything else were all over the place. I don’t know. Maybe there’s tiny bit of factors in there along with RNG. Heath was a common for me because I always used Benjamin. But then there was 2 Wendys, Dustys, Rods, a Luke, and a Tyrese.

Edit: Looks like I used a fifth Basil instead of Maggie. Whoops.

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With computer code nothing is completely random. As to why I’m asking if anyone had\has noticed a pattern. All coding comes down to is to 0s and 1s.
Probably not the best place to ask, being they would be able to change the pattern.

I know I’ve been trying for Gator but I’ve only gotten the 3 mentioned above, multiple times it would be nice to maybe get the outcome odds to change.

I am trying to get gator. I have gotten Annie the last six tries. I’m irritated beyond words.

There’s no special formula – I’ve used different combinations each time

Edit- I’m lying to ya: six out of the last seven times did get Annie. I did get Joshua in the middle of it. But still…


If that would be true, I haven’t found the combination for Oliver
in over 19 trys :frowning:

I’m sure there’s a way. But it is really hard now, for me at least, to try due to lack of everything needed to ascend, mostly character’s.
So my next question is there a list of what characters you can get? I can’t seem to find one here.

Put a 7 at the end.

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Why could you not do the whole address? Took me a couple tries after realizing that when you copy from here it adds the amount of people who tried as well. So if you as the 7 without deleting the amount it gives a error.


Because it would look like this.

Some automated whatever.

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Got me beat. I was trying for Clem just to have her. Got Carly 4 of 5 times. The other one was Annie. Sorta now hoping for another Carly. Then I can make a team with just her. lol

This game will never let me have Clem.

Good luck on your try for Gator.

Thank you. Did not know that, in your original post then you might want to add to delete any number after the y then add the 7 or else when copying, at least on mobile, since it adds the view amount in that little bubble.