Just wondering (poll) Did u get Zhu?

  • I did get him/ I will get him
  • I did not get him/ I wont even bother
  • Scopely smd

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Got him but needed every last bead in them territories.


Not even close. Yes got them all and held a territory. I got Sergio-ed once again


From the event? Not even close.

From my Skybound Typhoon novel pre-order? Also, no. Support has been giving me the runaround with auto replies and responses telling me to “wait a couple more days” for a week now.

2 pull in the stash away from him guess i won’t get him oh well :man_shrugging:

Got him but that’s because I pulled a beacon from that bag. Was my last bag. I didn’t finish the stash. Only got to 42.

I finished it (and slightly earlier) because…

  1. I had the 500 beads from the Sergio stash
  2. My faction held one of the beads territories

So in conclusion, you had to be in a good faction and likely have had to coin a bit or get lucky in order to get this “meh” toon. Not forgetting needing roughly 8 world energy refill cans

So, not an f2p toon.

9/10 beacons - one more Jiangshi roadmap and I would have got him (2 stash pulls short)

Not worth spending 4000 coins or £20-40 to complete.

Even if I did get him, not really worth wasting resources to level him up.


Love the fact that 41/41 are telling Scopes to do one.


This. All day. Everyday. 100%


A beacon appeared in game this morning, still not going waste world cans :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Wrote a post about this as there seems to be an on going trend… events no longer being grindable

Nope…didzhu get him, op?

only use for him

Someone in my region mentioned the beacon thing @Lostboy1 but I haven’t seen one sadly. Wonder if it’s because I have 9 :thinking:

I had 9 no chance my Faction could earn the last one, so I’m not sure why we got it🤷🏼‍♂️

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As you can see, his rightful place will always be next to his turd friend Sergio on the bench


didnt get sergio and didnt get zhu. not gonna waste money on toons that are in no way gonna help v top teams. whats that you have pete priya raulito laopo and arrav. Im gonna mess you up when i pull out my zhu and sergio pew pew lol


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