Just wondering about the keys offer

The offer that pops up says get all 7 green keys for Diego, but when I look at the bottom it does not have the X7 under the key like it does for the other stuff.
So I guess is this just set up to mislead people or do we get all 7 keys for $14.99 like it says???

Yesterday was the first offer for i believe 4.99 with 1 key. Each day is a new offer. Did you think he was gonna be 15$?? Expect to pay 200$ ++
It does say get all 7 keys for diego that could be misleading however it clearly shoes 1key in items. I really dont see how anyone would expect one of the top 3 toons in game to be 14.99

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Notice how it says offer 2/7? There are 7 offers. Each with 1 key. It started yesterday with offer 1/7. A new offer each day more expensive than the last.

Yea it’s gonna cost $200+ … but I expected the offers to go 5,10,15,20, 25, 75, 100… low for the first 5, then BAM last 2 be super high

The question is… can you buy more keys at the end if you miss one? I have a feeling I know the answer but would be nice if @JB.Scopely could give us an answer.

Scopely should not be allowed to make these kind of offers. It is similar to them not posting pull odds.

Why must they fuck with their playerbase?!

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Yea it’s really shitty because a player like the OP might have bought it and they can’t even get diego. These offers shouldn’t continue to pop up if they didn’t buy the first.

It said “Get all keys” Not “Comes with all keys”. The ad states “get all 7 green keys for diego” which implies to collect all keys for diego. If they made an offer were all keys could be bought in one go it would sound something like “Buy limited 7 key pack for diego” or “Comes with all keys for diego.”

I agree that its quite shady tactic to not be straight forward with the cost of all the offers. They throw other stuff in each one to try and make it more reasonable to someone “hey it does give 20 basils, gears , benidicts, and medals even if I don’t buy the next one this is a good value” its definitely not a straight forward way of doing things. But its not illegal. They are selling you the key and it does state offer 2/7…one might argue that if someone didnt buy the previous offers they shouldn’t continue unless there will be keys on sale another way.


It should stay at 1/7 untill you buy the first offer

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They should just let us sell the keys back to them when we see that the offer is being essentially price gouged at the end.

Never gonna happen but maybe someday we can police the mobile gaming market to the point that they stop abusing their playerbase.

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Tbh i think thats why they add all the other stuff in. First day gave some nice mods for 5$, probably would be 10$-15$ normally. Even offer 3 wasnt awful. 20 basils, 3 bens, enough ascendance medals to asend him, and some gear and food. Basically selling you things you would use on him once aquired.
The way i see it is players know hes a brand new toon that was only available before 1x through a stash that was $200+…i never expected him to be any cheaper thats for sure but that doesnt exscuse the shady tactics. Not everyone has common sense or knows how shady they are.

Offer 7/7 will probably be the last key by itself for $99.99

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