Just watched politics at work

I was just in the middle of reading the thread with jboogie talking about the arenas and pc and “an error occurred”, so I had to refresh. Boom, there’s was gone. So did I just witness then covering up what he was saying about an s class coming out every 2 weeks?


Mine got deleted as well, the admins are sweeping up around here

Good thing people keep screenshots then :wink:


Yep. I had an entire thread Bl0ck’d and d3l3ted within 12 hrs. Literally as soon as I posted it, it was immediately Blk’d…

Scopely doesn’t want anything going out. It’s a c3nzorsh1p machine

I said and will say again, s class is the reset, just like 6* to 5* and vet rings is like mods but only stat increase and yes they go into panic mode and start sweeping things under the rug fast but cant fix in game things like the arenas crashing, etc. This is why i have said before we should find a dif platform to talk on


Tidying up evidently always more important than answering game breaking queries

The scopely standard


I’m waiting for @Jboogie to be found with concrete shoes in the river next lol


I took a screenshot, was kind of obvious they will shut the thread down.


Death by force fed pancakes, we find @Jboogie in a chair in the center of a room in a warehouse in LA, overdosed on pancakes with syrup leaking down his chin and a big S carved into his chest with a note saying, thou shall not break thy NDA


And his wallet missing, naturally.


Maybe we will finally find Jimmy Hoffa also???


He had a 0.01% chance of surviving the pancake onslaught… Damn you rng! Damn you!


lights a candle for jboogie


Getting Se7en vibes. Only this time ‘What’s in the box’ ends with a 45 minute legal case because Scopely didn’t disclose the odds of what was in the box


Bro :skull::eyes::laughing::joy::joy::joy::joy:


You breech your NDA you naughty boy. People were getting worried


Accidents and suicides are sure to follow

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Heres the thing. Ill be dead honest. Am i against sclass? Not completely. This isnt priya 5* era where we didnt need a reset just more access to toons with focus. The 6* era after payback and bide the only way to get out of that shit was simply more powerful toons.

Do people wanna hear the word reset? No. Do we wanna see people have their 1000s of dollars gone to waste… No. But what is a reset? I mean lets be real every other toon is always a one up… Always better. Metas change all the time. Gen 1s to gen 2s. Those are nothing but resets.

Sclass doesnt even really bother most players as we cant even beat the damn negan and docs of the world. Sure a few here and there figure a way but generally speaking only way to counter them is money. So shit go ahead with the sclass.

It comes down to communication though… Hey we reached a meta that cant really be undone. We are ushering in a new class of toons. I rather them just rip the whole bandaid off like they did with 6* than this slow drip of death. Personally i would of never allowed a reset bc i would never of allowed dumb shit like payback and bide. So dont kill me over me saying im not completely against it. I dont run this stupid game lol.

As a spender you should of known better after the 5* era and should of known with every passing premier that your investments were being rendered useless anyways. so what as a spender are you complaining for? this shit has been going on for 4 years now. Its why i stopped spending when 6* arrived. What would make you even want to spend that type of money on a damn toon anyways like sclass required? Sure you’re money yadda yadda - and well those spenders are right it was their money to spend how they want and well guess what they spent it on something stupid and should of known better.

I dont need no stupid nda bc heres the thing about nda … Ive been saying sclass was a reset prior to being in pc. It was pretty obvious to most… We just wanted scopley to own up to and say it. And after owning up to it then lay out an actual plan for once. Nda only covers privy information not previously known. Weve been known bc vk has numerous sclass leaks and they have released sclass every other week. I mean come the fuck on lol. So their nda holds no water in this convo.

I want scopley to man tf up and explain how they can tell us the waves for transfers is to protect players and then they throw plat leagues to be ate up by diamond leagues in the arena championship?! And even worse is yea ok some plat can hang with diamond players … But how tf can we do that when i get 1 3.2 team to attack the rest are 2.5k and i have 4 teams that dont even break 500 pts. While diamond their lowest is a 2.9k and have 5 to 7 3.3k and up teams to choose from. My faction mate and i are in the same arena finals. She did 7 i did 7. We both did x4 to start and 3 solos. She was 246k and i have 141k?! All flawless wins for me.

So transfers is about protecting players then they do this shit? Naw im good. After lying to us about toc. Not telling us about the transfers situation that would not allow us to come back to our regions. And now this :laughing::joy::joy::joy::joy:

Sincerely jboogie im still alive


Yes, you sure did lol.

I guess I used a bad word lol. Or someone is awfully sensitive.