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The next big thing to happen is the release of 5* star weapons. However, I think they will wait until a large portion of us get to lvl 125 and they see the inventory of kits/tape is low. Then our 4* weapons won’t hold up anymore and it will be the same thing as our useless 5* characters. That will be the next revenue stream for Scopely. Thoughts?


Yes thoughts. They just said a month ago that they are not working on 5* weapons and its not even in the pipelines or planned at all. There you go. And the next big thing is that PvE stuff, Frank.


4 star weps will hold fine lmao

all 5s will be is new mods and one more mod slot…


You probably won’t need tape and kit much, there are already two 5* craft components in the inventory for a while


5* weapons are coming sooner than later. The thing is how will Scopely implement them? 6* chars already have fixed weapons like Shiva and Yumiko. Will they be ascendable too?


:joy: I knew someone would use that argument. Here take a quote.

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A faction mate just told us today that 5* weapons would be introduced in 90 days. I hope that’s not true but if it is I’d really like to know now before I spend anymore $ on the game. Too much grinding, frustration with leveling and I can’t even stomach the thought of trying to craft huge new batches of weapons.