Just trying to get this right

You’re selling 2020 glasses for $3 USD.

These glasses have absolutely no use unless you also buy apples, right?

So instead of putting an offer with glasses and apples - you’re selling something that is individually useless for $3?


This is how Scopely views us as players…

When we don’t spend anything…

Spencer Tucker’s next meeting


I love those comic memes, they are one of my fav and also nice pic bruh

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Ha ha!! (Chars)

And the best thing. They sold this 4 days after the roadmap event started, so the non sc member misses out on 4 days.

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Haha yeah that too. Jeezus.

Correct :hugs:

I’m like… I really don’t know what to say to these guys.

I’ve always said assume nothing, expect everything from Scopely, but their recent screw ups just keep getting “better” and “better”

Can you even get 13 hats now if you bought it?

Currently, no, but expect a last ditch sale by Scopely to sell these on the last day.

Hmm invest now and get gouged later? Not for me thanks :slight_smile:

Neither it is for me, will be content with the 390

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They’ve done some pretty shoddy things recently. This excels.

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