Just set it up for you and your family a very happy and prosperous New year to you as well

If all the toons were free… Then the best chess peices would needed to be perfect… go down to see video

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This is like one of those “steal their look” memes that ends up costing several thousand dollars


I was wondering if the team name was “Only 1000 dollars” :man_shrugging:

It wouldn’t beat my f2p defense but that’s super secret so I cannot show it…:crazy_face::joy:. like all the top (spending) players that won’t show their all powerful attack teams :roll_eyes:

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Definitely points for being able to auto an Erika team but totally impractical in war. Top factions can mow that team down faster even without auto-ing.

Nice flex bruh

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I’m only one toon short…

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2 minutes is sure a long time to take a team down, pretty sure team of Marlon can beat that team in 2 to 3 moves :slight_smile:


can we see some really crazy auto team, that can take those teams down in 2 to 3 rounds plz

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Noob. I beat this defense in round 3 with 1 p2p character. Lol

Yeah but my Russian hacker friend beat it with a 1* Gerald with 200k attack. get g u d


mate u have a good team, to auto that it’s pretty good, but if ur in war, u prolly wont auto and win much faster

You removed the video?

Don’t have to, it was cool.

It looks like a character that’s maimed, killed, then revived keeps the maim? Near the end of the raid, one guy got revived with only a sliver of health left. I can only assume that’s because he was still maimed

Thought dying cleared all penalties but Heal Reduction, though

Was almost painful to watch :joy::joy:


Why Erika lead? Safety net?

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Erika lead? Why not Lydia lead? Or carl

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Is it just me or is that set up kind of…garbage? Don’t get me wrong, it can do damage, but it isn’t the best idea to have a ranged lead and have melee characters involved with that same team.


bleed team nothing special here moving on

In conclusion: don’t try to flex on this forum

I will you too baby girl and I will be there at earliest as I have to go to the store and get some rest and feel better soon and that is why I am asking for a friend to talk to you about it when I get home and let me know if you need anything else from me please? I will begin at the moment but will begin to describe the moment but I’ll let you know what’s up when we will get the picture I sent you is the problem. Please don’t forget to send me the link and I will begin at the same time as the other Shiva for a friend to hang out with.

Please remove me from your email list so I can get my hands on your email and let him tell anyone about it. Please let me know when you’re ready to go out to eat or something like that. Please bring me to work on Friday and Saturday so I can make sure I have the right email.

What the actual fk :joy::joy::joy: