Just send everyone two war pulls

This is really ridiculous. Make an actual generous gesture.


Wait. Wait. Wait.

No way.
War wheel sucks bad.


Get out Craig, what do I want 2 Vincents for :joy:

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Lmao…point. :slight_smile:

Thats the point, we were goign to get 5 4* from those coins,
Some shitty vincents could be better

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I mean, I’m not against 2x 1170 depot points :rofl:

Fk that we don’t want a boooty azz toon

Hey now. You might get a kal and a Vincent

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Kal’s not even in the wheel and I’d bet he’d still rear his ugly head for every pull

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Honestly I wouldn’t expect anything else lol


Getting two “randomized” Vincent was not close to be a good prize or compensation

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