Just remove Basic Rewards

There’s nothing even slightly rewarding about opening 100’s of 1* weapons and characters. Not even useful for LU anymore. Just get rid of them.


and helper tokens.
But in the end they wont do it any update cause no money from those.


I like to message support every now and then and ask them how many I have lol


I use them to fill my rooster when suvivor bank is full…so i say keep them…but the rewards could be better i guess.

Agreed. And on that subject, add some 6s to all the depots aswell as a 6 wheel

I think basic rewards should just have super tiny chances for good stuff. 0.5% chance for 4 star characters, 0.1% chance for 4 star weapons, 0.05% chance for 5 stars, 0.01% chance for 5 star ascendables, 0.001% chance for 6 stars. That way you’ve still got motive to pull them

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Hmmm.No I probably still wouldn’t pull

Walking tall machine gun man.
They spit on me in my home land…

Yeah, here comes the rooster.
You know he ain’t gonna die!

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I wouldn’t mind them if they had a mass open option. Just have a slide bar so you can choose to open all or as many of them all at once.

It’s even worse with war crates, I think I timed myself and it took like 20 min to open all my crates last time I did a mass open. It would be worst now since I haven’t opened any in probably a year.

oh make the basic rewards better no more 1s have them be used for something else like walker bait

I get Bénédicts and limites and Ulysse sometimes.

Am I the only person who uses basic tokens for level ups?


Deport the basic tokens xd

They need to replace 1* anything with 2*. I like getting 3* stuff for depot points it got me my governer back when. But they need to get rid of 1* junk. Even my level 30 has no use for them. Just add this to the list of things scopes won’t ever fix

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