Just realised this

finally we can sell our weapons for food by pressing a weapon for a long time.
(long press allows you to select more than one weapon) and that is pretty neat!
Thanks Scopely! :slight_smile:


Just remember there is no weapon lock still, so that Absolutel Defence Bone Saw might get lost if you arenโ€™t careful.

Hats off to Scopley for (eventually) adding this tho


thank you for the info! luckily I donโ€™t upgrade 1 or 2* weapons

The long press only works on the selected weapon so your modded weapons are safe unless you are careless

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even better is the what they added to collect food and wood - i discovered it when i dropped my phone but it seems that when you shake your phone it collects everything, got to give them credit for that

Long press to collect food and wood has been around for loooooong.