Just question about $$$

How much are you spending(monthly) on TWD RTS?(everything in dollars if you want know)

  • F2P 4 ever!
  • I spend sometimes 5$ or 0.99$ on nice offers
  • more than 10$

  • more than 50$

  • more than 100$

  • more than 500$

  • 2500$

  • More than 2500$(holy fuck you are rich and dumb at the same time)

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at the moment because of SC i am over 10.00. unless they drop some sick new toon, then that will be going to the occasional .99 offer or the monthly pass

All the higher spending fits under the more than $10. So I chose that


lol. the poll is def flawed. there should be a max limit for sure on each catagory.

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I’m following you. :joy::joy:

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since my new year resolution I haven’t spent much, only the £1 offer once

So there is no option i want. I used to spend but now i dont

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I kinda wanna choose the highest just for the implications lol.

Not true. But still funny.

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