Just my thoughts

I dunno what went wrong or if its always been this way but there is a clear divide between the player base and Scopely, which is kinda sad really.

I’ve really cut back on visiting the forum because it’s such a negative place now. It’s just constant whining and complaining about Scopely.

Now I don’t know if Scopely have ever paid attention to the player base, but it clearly seems like there isn’t at the moment.

If I want my views to be heard I know that there’s no point writing to support as they will “Forward it to the team” and advise me to keep surviving. There’s no point posting here as they don’t seem to read anything here. I hear we have a players council, no idea who is it on it or what they even do, heard that most of them left.

The game is buggy as hell, it’s been said over abd over but new features get pushed out without being tested. Maybe they’ve changed coders and they don’t understand the previous coders way of doing things. I dunno, it is annoying though that everything they add has bugs.

I’m pretty chill, I’ve not got caught up in the players united business, I’ve never felt cheated because someone else gained something from a bug that I didn’t. Tbh I just feel sad when I look at the state of things.

I should be excited, S class l! 5* Weapons! But I’m really not. Everything seems to be overly complicated. I didnt even bother reading the harvest festival event, I left it to get started then asked on Line for the short version of what I have to do.

The schedule, omg the schedule, it seems to be done on a daily basis, like theres no planning at all. Is it really that hard to just fit every type of event into a month then repeat that every month? I’m fed up of solo level ups. I’m fed up off no faction events.

I’m my region, we are number 1. We worked hard to get a strong faction, and for what? Crw every once in a while? The communication is starting to dwindle because we have no reason to talk to each other, other than testing teams and territiry instructions.

I find it hard to get excited by anything going on this game currently.

Just my thoughts.


Ir is hard to get excited when if you are lucky to get a class you have no gear.
5* weapons? What are those who has the tokens. And when we get a few we know the odds are it will take 50 tries minimum to get something decent.

Whining? They just created an event to farm gear from four years ago they we have weekly roadmaps for. I think it’s certainly warranted.


Sad part is this event could have been awesome.
It is very challenging.
Seems like alot of time and effort was put into the design of it.
If only someone who has actually played as a daily grinder could have told scopley HQ what gear was needed by the majority of the player base.

They know.

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That is a top topic, they know, but they dont care. They are clueless they gave us this gear event that was made for 2016-2017 not 2019.

100% agree, where the hell are our faction events?! they are legit turning this game from a multiplayer type one to a solo player game. its crazy how many solos they can just continue to throw at us.

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Agreed. Feels the same way here. They don’t test anything. They keep releasing new broken stuff while old broken stuff is still broken. None of the roadmaps give crap for XP, food, materials, or survival. Training Grounds and Survival Camps are both completely outdated by years. No faction events. They keep trying to come up with the stupidest events possible

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It’s always been this way, it’s just gotten exponentially worse over the past year.

Let’s not get it twisted, they’re not stupid, even though they constantly do stupid shite, they know exactly what we need, want and don’t want!
The thing is They Do Not Care!! Why? Bc ppl keep sp_ending money!!
I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, nothing will ever change as long as ppl continue throw money at them, period!!

I seriously can’t stress how much they don’t care what we want and need.
Prime examples; We said for MONTHS that we were fed up with the constant Power Creep that was caused by the release of these ridiculously OP toons. We told them that the game needed a rebalancing for all levels.
So they decided in their infinite gre_ed and stup_idity to create a Power Leap instead and released Shite Class :man_facepalming: Makes sense right!
No one wanted or asked for that, but we got it anyway :man_shrugging:

Just like no one wanted or asked for a full reset of our weapons with the introduction of 5* weapons (bc that’s what 5* weapons are, a full reset), but we got it anyway!

It’s just going to keep getting worse too.
But remember, Keep Surviving

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