Just My Opinion


Just my opinion and not that it matters much and I’m not complaining it’s more of a suggestion about having CRW on holidays. Scopely should had moved CRW to next weekend and had regular old war this weekend. Activity is meh this weekend in a lot of regions and it’s understandable because people are going to be with their families and just jump on when they can. We could have had regular war and been chill this weekend and next weekend when player’s are not so busy CRW.



Today was supposed to be the start of a 3-day level up. At the last minute, they changed it back to a war day because Scopely. They love making last minute changes and screwing everything up. It’s their forte.

Couldn’t make an attack all Friday because of another stupid beta bug.


Yeah between the beta bug and it being mothers day it’s been a meh kinda weekend for sure. I’m one of them that’s not busy this weekend so it’s really been O.o


Why would they have war on a Holliday weekend anyways … why jokely lol


Because it’s not a holiday everywhere?

I might be sounding crazy, but you could just put the phone down and celebrate the holiday…?


typical response


Activity isn’t down because of Mothers Day lol


Regular war? Hell no. The last two, my faction kept getting stomped out by the top factions over and over again. We have a fighting chance on CRW.


They had it set for just friday Saturday…should have kept it that way…happy mothers day to all the moms


Hahaha right…we had people quit this war


Couldn’t agree more with this, I personally think the changing of decisions after being announced (even if subject to change) and the fact the left hand doesn’t seem to know what the right is doing play a big part in the apathy a lot of us feel toward the company


they changed it back because people cried and complained. now that its changed back…then theres still crying and complaining. simply awesome :expressionless:. the thing with scopely is this. they need to learn how to stop pandering to mfs and just own the decision and run with it. if youre gonna be wrong, be wrong 100%, not change it up and be wrong only 35%…cause guess what you still wrong! short war, while not ideal would still be acceptable. yeah there would been crying. there always will be. but tomorrow that would be the end of it. mfs would find something else to cry about :sweat_smile::joy::smirk:.


I agree So I just went out with my family.I think most of us did on our team.


Did the war length change before the beta bug? I didn’t check the timer for the first bit of the weekend


Yep don’t remember when they did but there was a whole thread about how Scopely didn’t want to war on mothers day so it was going to be a 3 day solo level up.

The bug pretty much took out all of Friday into early Saturday morning. By the time I woke up things were working again. Lost about 5 or 6 hours of helping out the faction. Still got my 100k but even worse than the bug were the God awful matchmaking. Again. My desire to continue to play is at an all time low.

  • Crap rewards
  • Bugs
  • Cheaters
  • Asinine deals that cost way to much “Hey, it’s mothers day. Give us $30 bucks.”
  • Soon combat mods a.k.a. p2w

The game is beyond stale and just not fun anymore.


But they don’t wanna remember that part…15 char? Lol


I thought it War was friday and saturday and we would have sunday off. I thought that was a great idea but the calendar was wrong :confused:


Nah it’s fine on holidays. Some get more free time on holidays than they otherwise would. Some have family obligations. Such is life. Not a huge deal.


Did you not read the post? It was but so many wanted it extended that they did to Sunday.