Just Make LTT Normal Territories

Once again my faction gets f’d because DB faction decides to try to get everything near the end. At least with this suggestion, no one can complain.

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did they manage to take them all?

Yes. Dbag factions with more activity than yours doing nothing except for playing the game. How dare they?


how many did you get Ricky?

You can play the game and be a DB? Just because you can do it, doesn’t mean you aren’t a DB.

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Ha. Okay buddy. Continue your crusade.

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I suggest something both parties can agree should happen and here you are still getting angry. It’s obvious who’s the problem. No matter what I suggest, you won’t be happy.

I think 5. Not positive though.

How would this fix anything? The top factions would just keep them 24/7 then with them getting all the good prizes all day everyday making the gap between you and them larger

There’s the problem right there. You don’t need 5 LTT.

Lmao mine controlled 2 the whole time then sniped a 3rd at the end


I have a problem with you calling people dbags because they just play the game more than you. That’s the only problem I see.

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Are you in my faction? We did the same.

What faction?

The problem right now is that some factions don’t get rewards at all. A top faction can’t cover more than half the territories without incurring some penalties. Also, this wouldn’t be running 24/7, just around event time but whatever.

Sure we do. You wanna know why? Because the other top factions got them as well. So if we don’t, we fall behind. It’s just that simple. It’s a competition.

We didn’t hold all five until the end. We just kept the two armory ones until the last 30 minutes. If a possible 300 players (10 factions) can’t take down 20 players, it’s just not a game mechanism fault. It’s an activity problem.


10 is not enough they need to do more otherwise tops will continue to get majority/all of them. They should’ve done cakes for all 10 too imo


Tops didnt take all in our region…lower levein factions held a couple and Baltimore was a ghost town for the majority

I agree but it’s also up to players And factions to be smart. The factions who had the cake territories kept them the whole time and let themselves be exhausted at 600 at the end. We abandoned during the tournament to regain it so it wasn’t 600.

Factions just need to make better choices.

If you’re not holding half or more of the LTT 24/7 then I don’t really care.