Just looking for sclass toon advice

So I need opinions… I’m currently close to 5 sclass toons but can only get 3 of them and 2 of the 5 arnt available yet. The toons I can get are:


I can get the top 3 but I’m wondering if I should wait to see if the choice boxes get updated first to get princess and mercer? Not sure what to do here.

Forgot to add I currently have sclass:

#1 Arrav can solo teams
#2 mercer
#3 priancess skill can stop specialist skills

Right now arrav

with faction events you gain other S class that are farmble in no time.


I’d say Aarav and Hengyen for now! if you already have Pete and Michele, you can make a kicka$$ team with them, plus Christa, and Hengyen’s crit makes sure the opponent’s toons stay dead!

Heng Yen is a beast, his bleed, stun and crosshairs is awesome and can go behind Michelle, Carl/Harrison, Camilla and replace your decap, give some control and make a good bleed team with lacerators like Shiva.

Aarav is a monster! He can go on the same teams as Heng Yen and just rush constantly and wipe the floor with teams.

Lao Po is a tank, she feels much more tough to take out than Pete tbh. She is also great on attack as she can fully shut dpwn the enemy team, her daze, impair and attack down rush will make it so an enemy team cant do much of anything and with a tower in war to give her so more ap, if you have a huge bonus lead and weapon, she is rushing turn 3 like everyone else and love using her in war behind Camilla.

Mercer is the meta/latest and greatest right now, stun lead skill is a pain, he does a lot of damage and stuns in his rush and his weapon is a great chance to stun gun which is amazing even if you have stun guns or focus stun, great chance is 50%

Princess is good and would be good behind Pete, Priya or Mercer. She can end up doing a stupid amount of damage to a line, with her skill and weapin if set up right, she will kill any line of toons. Normalize skill is amazing as it is a counter to those annoying payback amd bide toons.

It kinda depends, what i would do is pick the toon that you will use the most and build the most teams with. Can you build a team behind Mercer or Lao Po or Heng Yen, etc? How many teams can you use Mercer, Lao Po, Heng Yen, etc on? What do you need, do you need a control toon and lead like Lao Po or do you need raw damage like Aarav or Princess or maybe you want to have a decap toon that you can make a bleed team with like Heng Yen? It really depends on what other toons you will put with them/where you can put them into other teams.

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Choice boxes that you already have don’t get updated, so it only matters if you’re sitting on torches.

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They dont? If this is the case I should just get hengyn, laopo and arrav

Yes, they don’t. I still have a handful in my inventory that only go to Hengyen, probably from October, and a ton going to Guo, even though they updated the map to hand out Wangfa now.

As long as they don’t remove existing ones, it sort of makes sense to save torches - I’m up to over 2k now. You get better boxes with more choices, and don’t have to scroll so much in your inventory. But once you have them and can use them, no reason not to open them.

This pretty much answers my question thanks. No reason to sit on them I guess. After the new years event I’ll have enough for the 3 I mentioned

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Gotta day Henygen is a beast… can one shot kill some lesser toons but makes light work of most def with right team around him… Michelle lead if have her

Hope you’ve got plenty of gear to, ps Aarav for me

I’ve been stockpiling gear so I have a bit … but I’m getting laopo, hengyn and arrav sclasses. And I’m saving my torches for princess and mercer.

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Aarva is one man army

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