Just left scopely feedback

They sent me an email asking for my opinion on the game. They are now fully aware of the unfair power gap between free players and large spenders. The developers of this game should never have an economy that negates free players and puts them at a huge disadvantage to those that spend large amounts of money their should always be a balance. They are fully aware that the system they have in place is only there to maximise profit and cater to the low iq whales and not actually look to create a fair balance within the game like other mobile games on the market that actually do have a balance and remain in the top grossing charts. The walking dead road to survival is probably one of the worst mobile games on the market concerning bugs, customer service, economy etc. Just look at the negative reviews and the majority say exactly the same thing, that it doesn’t matter how long you play or how much time you put into the game, spenders will always have an unfair advantage so long as the system allows them this privilege. I did detail that some free players can defeat a lot of these large spenders but I’ve found that these people have been in top factions for a long time and they have been able to benefit from prizes which has allowed them to be this powerful. I was fully aware when I said all of this that I don’t expect them to suddenly change the balance. I think it’s quite clear that the system they have in place will not be going anywhere. It has been far too long for them to make any serious changes without dire consequence. Of course that’s just the tip of the iceberg I did write a whole bunch of things siding with my fellow free players. What I’ve also found is that this mobile game does not rely on skill or tactics any longer and it hasn’t for a long time. The game changed miraculously a good while ago with the introduction of shields and revives that was exclusively for spenders. Further adding to the problem was the introduction of the armory, a spenders paradise more or less and the era of stun guns and absolute defence weapons and the likes broke the balance between free players and large spenders. Introduction of six stars and many other didn’t help anything at all. And as time continues to pass us by the gap widens further and further between free players and large spenders. Didn’t want to commit to much time as I’m going out for a real but I gurantee the toxic community will find opportunity to attack me and others simply for giving our opinion. The game needs to change but we will never see the changes so long as their low iq cattle keep feeding them large sums of money. This is the absolute truth sadly. Free players are wiser and intelligent enough to know not to invest power to them.

Share your feelings. The attack on the free community will never end unless somebody at scopely has a change of heart.



Same sh** different day… SMH These posts are getting boring.


Props to you.
Hope it makes some sort of difference.

I’m a payer but agree that things have spiralled out of control over last yea especially.

They also need more people working on the game…
Obviously don’t have enough.

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Soy is strong with this one

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I send them their own survey from time to time lol I saved the link to an old survey so I can load it up and fill it out and send it.

Dunno if me posting the link violates anything so I won’t post it lol

I don’t see how the armoury is a ‘spenders paradise’. People with poor weapons aren’t F2P, they just don’t understand how to craft properly


Lol thats where you’re wrong. Im free to play, and in the top #3 in leagues right now in plat I. You’re teams aren’t good enough yet and wait… (coughs) didn’t you mention most of your toons have attack down, which is atrocious, so why are you ranting about this? Free to play can have an advantage over p2p if they survive, build the right teams, and come up with the best strategies…

Keep on surviving…


The last few months has shown me (Personally) that purchasing big on promos to see same promos 4-6 weeks later on tokens pulls (Free to $1) is a step in the right direction … albeit at the disdain of the spenders that is

The game has an economy that adheres to a kind of powercreep but i know many players who dont spend and have better teams/characters than i do or more than whales etc its simply based upon knowledge of the game and its tools AND more importantly the team behind you

trust me, you take a whale out of the top factions and plonk them into a smaller less active faction, they will get beaten. Which by definition shouldnt happen right:? because they have the powercreep… ive seen the same thing in reverse, lower teams unable to beat that whale and move on, never stopping and thinking about restructuring an attack team to beat this 1 players defence during a war

ive also seen low down team that have amazing knowledge of the game and work a great defence team that can slip passed you first time around or kill 1 or more of your team messing up your war score etc

To be honest, there is no endgame in sight for this now, op toons can be purchased for a buck later on down the line, given for free pulls on token wheels etc, there are chances but most high prestige players wont get it cos of that reason, the game has lost a balance but in fairness it never had it in the 1st place, it was always about spending

you would only win a raid event if you purchased more raid cans

you would only win a level up if you purchased more toons - trainers etc

i think for some people they should have joined beta a while back, they gave out almost all of the 6* at the time of its meta, it made everyone equal but also made it very boring with the same teams.

there is no balance


There is no “understanding” how to craft, its random and at the total will of scopely and its generators.

plus non spenders generally have the better outcomes in armoury


Goona have to ask you for evidence here.

Whale = Earl hates you, mild spender = Earl hates you, F2P = Earl hates you.


what kind of evidence?

i do have SS but unless its time stamped you can’t really tell … plus ss of good/bad crafts can be from other sources

my only point i can say is my main account spent a lot playing the game, armoury came out no luck, had another account i made from scratch but wasnt spending wasnt even on the radar but was getting stun after stun after revive and ab def with no territories, no factions etc

meanwhile it took almost over a year to get my 1st stun gun (anything critical worthwhile) on main £££ account

again, it can be heresay to a lot of people and tin foil hats etc but i also done 1 pull on the 325 coin or token crate on non £££ account, got 8250 coins, yet 10 on £££ account and i got 330 coins back and all 4* as per usual

As soon as the read free players they binned your entire essay.

The thing is a free player can obtain 150 coins each day with the videos, can obtain any amount with the other games like world at war or whatever theyre called

its down to single pull luck and its not a great way to spend, yes if you do eventually land on a single pull then it will change your game dramatically for a while, maybe make you spend some money on more things but its just a possibility of getting a character just not a good possibility

I’m sorry but if the game can be p2p and f2p everyone should expect the p2p have better and more advantages then f2p. That’s just how it is.


Hope enough reports on global get u banned. Crazy racist people like you don’t belong hear! Saw the clipping of ur global chats real sad man. Let me guess it was ur little brother this time.

They didn’t. Scott thinks he’s special but I can guarantee the only feedback he’s given scopely has been on the same survey popping up for most people today




Two thing
1- no more duplicate from wheels like victory tokens …
2- some nice toons in lvl up rewards , (doesn’t have to be a one toon for a week )

Well at least now they are aware

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Maybe they have higher IQ and as a result significantly higher spending budget due to higher earnings.