Just ideas for territories

If territories gave more relevant benefits, such as 30% attack, defense, pv or critical, instead of 5% would help new players more. More zombies in the hordes would also bring more fun to the territories. In addition to the faster recharging of energy, which I understand takes a long time to charge.

No, bad idea. Whenever you have an idea, instead of thinking how it benefits you, think about what happens if the top players have it. Think about that s16 team having 30% attack when you try to raid them. I swear yall cause as many problems as you think you are solving. /rant


Up the Crit chance would help newbies beat the Walker stages on World and Roadmaps, but like Yggdrasil said, if you gave 30% attack and defence bonuses, S10-16 players would hold that territory, and the New players would not get a look in.

Increasing the Tokens by a small margin would help the new players, but not a big enough increase that the high level guys will want to hold said territory for hours on end.

The best thing they could do for territories is fix the coding so it doesn’t crash constantly…


if terrorties didnt crash every second battle that would be great aswell


Despite notable advances to make territories more attractive. I would like to see other effects, or perhaps an expansion of the map. also something that increases the length of the defenses, such as the addition of barricades, as happens in the invasions and hordes where we even minefield. something like that would evolve territories into something more real than an image of a house or factory

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