Just fou. D a vb video form a while back

I found this from 2019 on yt… So someone’s pron seen and posted it here but em are vb like some secret force that are trnya destroy scopely come look at this before I get deleted from existence and get a 2k games treatment where I get visited by some peeps and em raided form thot company

Copied the url and will check it out when my data is done pooping

Jesus these guys love to hear themselves talk they really should avoid VB from here on out lol

Shhh don’t give them ideas

Too bad they didn’t take their own advice and follow the Yahtzee model then

Update 11 55 contains some damm juicy studf
So everytime they update the game then they add more anyaltics into it can anyone make sense of this

Oh this is awesome all these people that jumped on the bandwagon and got those refunds LOL. Would’ve been best to wait for the response before everybody went haywire.

Thank you for the response forum admin I’m just sad to see how the rest of the people are going to act for the remainder of the time here. Maybe it’s time to thin out the forums.

I take that as a threat and have contacted my local police, they said they will get the fbi involved if you continue to threaten forum users.

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