Just did an update

Just did another update. Haven’t noticed anything different yet

I didn’t do update I wait until game forces me. There is going to be bugs and gitchs no matter what but when it 1st comes out its usually really bad like sr gitchs

Try to get food from the supply depot. Not sure if it’s the update I’m thinking of but if it is then you should be able to buy multiple stacks of food

yup it’s released

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Still haven’t changed the wheels


was hoping for the wheel honestly


Same here

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The wheel updates and the trophies for clearing walkers will probably be done shortly after they force the update across all platforms so they appear for all players at about the same time.


Parity, ftw.

So next weekend most likely? or like this weeknd?

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Best part of the update. Making the keyboard smaller… why?

They’ll force the update before the Walker horde event, so before Thursday. (Assuming no holdups on any platform and no unforeseen bugs). No guarantee they’ll update the wheel before the event, but my feeling is the wheel update comes next week. No evidence, just a guess.

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So do we have confirmation the wheel is updating just not sure on exact date or is this just a hope?

Did someone put my toons in the washing machine? Why are they shrunk?


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Guessing it has something to do with supporting future larger resolutions. Just a guess.

Happy with the option to purchase multiples in the depot now.

Yes, a wheel update is coming this update (i.e., after 19.0 is forced and before 20.0). No other details exactly which wheels are changing or what toons will be available.

The ap bar change isn’t working

is it me or when killing walkers the camera seem to me more jerky than before
like handy can, giving men a head ache

LG, would you happen to know if the Amazon app version will be updated around the same time as the “forced” update

Well, good news is missions « blocked » like « go in gold league » are unlocked.

Bad news is it’s only season tokens, so it’s really useless : what will I do with 91k tokens and all charac already bought ???