Just Contact Support


Jut contact support , they will help you solve the problem.

This phrase is said far to often and this is done mainly by people who have had very minor issues with the game in the past and they have helped them sort it out.
The support system is generally great for small issues or problem, like device changes etc. But the problem is with major issues they are utterly useless and the phrase we will take it to the team is said and often there is no follow up at all and the issue is forgotten about.

I have to examples here of some of my worst moments with support, and why when this is said it infuriates me as they were complete and utterly useless.

Back in October the 7th 2016 Viktor was released, at this time i decided to pull for him as there was also a sale on for coins, unfortunately there was an error on your part and the wrong coin pack was being offered and people who purchased this coin pack were shortchanged , upon complaints to support the issues was notified and the right coin pack was placed in the store ,and those who had purchased prior would get the missing coins allocated to their accounts within 24 hrs

The problem was i never received these coins, After contacting support multiple times and getting the run around i was told i had received the compensation.

These messages were taken a week after getting the run around and the log consistently being closed by support members, and this is there response

As you can see they claim i have received these coins and there should be no problems (except i hadn’t)
So i contacted them again and this time after the usual run around

I got this response, notice anything about it?

Support went from saying i had received the compensation to saying i wasn’t eligble for it, I responded by not only showing them proof of purchase within the required time frame
(i have proof but not posting here as has personal info on) ,but to showing previous support responses saying i was eligble and had already received it .

This was the final response i got from support - they closed the thread down and every follow up i tried was instantly shut down with the exception of one, the biggest insult was when they emailed me while i was waiting for a response to ask for feedback on how the support did, Just before they closed the thread down question unanswered.
This was another attempt when they simply ignored my question.

I tried to contact google for refund but as i was out the required 24 hr due to slow responses from scopley i was inelgible, and my bank weren’t helpful in the matter, and was unable to get a refund from it as they told me to contact the developer.
I was unable to pursue it any further after perforating my bowel later that month and scopley got away with it.

This is one example i have of many showing complete intolerance for the customer base , from the support system .If its not ignoring complaints , its giving out incorrect information (Duct Tape Guarantees Armory Success, its not a chance).
The System needs a complete overhaul and simply saying report it to support is a basic insult to the players, as nothing will be done


@kalishane this… over and over again…

Saying go to support is an insult to our intelligence


Words cannot express how worthless Scopely support is… esp on any issue that touches upon gasp money or items


That’s the thing if the support request involves money, they always say they don’t have the power to do anything every store/app needs this process in place.
This app does not seem to have it, I have dealt with vile customers who have tried to scam the system demanding free stuff for minor reasons such as a mark on a plate or supposed uncooked food but you try to please them scopley never does this, they are right you are wrong even if evidence points to the contrary


I can see where you’re coming from, but have you ever tried to keep on surviving?


Support? Which Support?


Just survive somehow


They did something similar to me. In 1 post they in fact said that they see where I did 1 thing but wasn’t compensated and 2 responses later they tried saying something different. Even having screen shots and providing everything they needed they still tried to not take responsibility. There will always be scammers out there but when something is right in front of them they try and deny it. It feels like they are trained to do opposite what most companies do, which is put customer needs first and try and resolve the issue fairly, instead I feel like they are told to do everything possible to not fix their mistake and hope the customer goes away. I’ll admit many times I let little stuff slide because it wasn’t worth it but it’s to the point now that no matter the problem they paste the same answer. We don’t know why but we see its wrong but we won’t fix it. I stopped letting them take advantage and now I refuse to let them get away with it. I don’t even know how many times my game crashed and lost energy, how many times something actually cost me coins but I no longer except that answer. If there is a problem u fix it plane and simple. We get those responses daily and then you wonder why we come here and are so upset at the game. We get the run around about everything. Or the what I like to call word game, they try and twist words to make them not responsible. I’m still waiting to hear what is being done about extra nugget pulls. This should have been addressed already and yet not one word. And customer service has no answer besides sorry too bad. So frustrating. …so very frustrating


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Not sure which country you are in but there is a thing called, Consumer Protection. You cannot be charged for anything you have not authorized and you can protest about something you didn’t get the full amount for. I would call back your bank back and talk to a manager and if that doesn’t work you take it further up. I bet you get a better response when you tell the manage you want a number for his bosses. Good luck and I hope you get what you paid for.


Kali never said that.


No but she did say contact support (with a straight face, which shows the level of caring)


From this post it looks like that is something she’s verified.

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She’s referring to COMMENTS though.

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Same thing.