Just completed an in depth survey


I have just completed a long in depth survey, usually the pop up surveys are only short with basic questions. This one asks opinion on milestone rewards, raid tournament rewards and others. It asks for your preference on rewards received. Interesting. Maybe scopely are listening




Took it as well, unfortunately I felt the options were terrible which makes me believe they are more disconnected than ever before.

Least - territory refill

Like wtf was this a joke.


The radio’s were my choice to go. At least until I run out lol


I can’t remember the full detail but it was a multiple choice survey. Each question had two parts 1. make a choice for your preferred reward to receive on completion of events, i.e. raid tournaments, milestone rewards 2. Make your choice for your 'least preferred reward. Options included: 6* trainers, 6* rewards, 10,000 4* weapons, rare non craftable weapons, ascendance medals, legendary tokens, elite item tokens, 5* trainers and rewards and others I can’t remember. You could select bronze, and silver radio’s, territory refill and faction assault tickets also lol


Territory refil is the next step to improve the rewards!


The issue is they stacked it full of low end crap including in many cases, world refills, territory refills, battle items!, silver radios!, bronze radios!, etc. The low side was awful and the high side wasn’t basically 1 good, in a rare case a second decent choice was offered, but they were then dropped off. Also didn’t separate by event type etc.

I was perplexed…


One of mine was all garbage, but of note it had 6 star gear for first upgrade and 5 star gear for 3rd upgrade… those are the same gear.


Yeah I noticed that and they are also offered weekly. Genius yes we want to battle for what we can just collect for using our world energy daily.


Should have just been this -New survey questions


Lol! I thought that too, but turns out it’s just badly designed. Check the very bottom of the page fora forward arrow and click that. They are just thanking up front, it turns out.


Some of the milestone choices were great and others were just awful. Hopefully they go with the good and great ones and throw out the junk. However they have done surveys like this before and nothing good happened so I’m not holding my breath.


The opinion helps them get data so they could sell us directly instead of putting them up as rewards