Just Cancel the war

As the title says just cancel the war, GIVE EVERYONE A WAR PULL, REPAIR COINS & CANS, and just give us a break of a weekend of bugs and nonsense.


This is my dream, we deserve it after all this “bug hat trick” Scopely maneged to make. They’ll probably just say “sorry, ops”.


Yep shut down the game for a bit if need be please just fix some stuff.


Why though? For most it’s working and overall rank doesn’t really matter. Just play and have fun. When you can.

They claimed they fixed us but many of us still are unable to p,ay

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Thats why I think that just cancel and fix whatever has to be fixed ffs

Doesn’t really matter what players say or want. They take feedback and run a poll and then go and do the exact opposite. Yes, tin foil hat is on, they are intentionally trying to drive people away so that they can’t claim refunds. Greed drives greed drives greed.


That’s easy to say if you’re one of the lucky few who have a huge lead over everyone else…


War is just fine for our region, what’s wrong with yours?

You Can’t Declare War.

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I wish not being able to declare war was my problem…I cant even log in to the game anymore


Actually we’re far behind.

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You think we gonna cancel war cause a handful of u can’t participate? Ha joke try again next war, keep surviving

Still have factions in my region unable to war /declare!!!

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Words of a hypocriet player

I wouldnt be so angry if I could actually play the game at all. Me and many others cant even log on to our account after the crappy war fix. Been locked out 16+ hours already.

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Half our region can’t war. Good job scopley

At least you can acess the game

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