Just before f2p got Frost , he's useless

As expected
Stop going for Frost if you’re a f2p
The storm is coming.

Ways around it. Leading with a Mercer lead to stop Storm gaining AP turn 1. Including Angel or Laopo to make his AP gain dangerous. Having a Doc and command to hopefully get him taunted and impaired on his second turn. A very tanky Pete middle toon with Def down resist and a Frost with confuse resist to ride out the other 3 being confused - aided by the hp and GS Petes AR will activate after surviving his attack. More importantly having Frost to use against teams that don’t have Storm which will be the majority since most won’t have him and many big spenders will remain with Aarav for quicker wins.

I think Storm instantly makes a place in the top 5 toons and is definitely a counter to Frost, but there are ways to try and counter it. Albeit RNG based. I can initially see more ways to try and stop him than I did with Trader.

That’s scopleys new plan I guess just hold onto the cards until the toon is useless then they will add them to choice boxes

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Storm is not even released yet and people is already scared, always the same boring story “game breaker, game end”.


Oh I know your doing great ftp

Arrav/Princess was already killing Frost easily before.


Bad take. Toon is useless because some mid-tier new promo is sort of ok against him? Anyone willing to spend this much on such a mediocre toon would have had no problem handling Frost before. And for everyone else it’ll be months before they can get Storm.


You just love to argue don’t you

You sure do like to point out that I like to offer different opinion.


i dont think he shields are problem anymore

Focus is a counter to Frost…#IvanovaBAE

Aarav and princess/priya were already killing him, and storm should hit the lead for total confuse control

Your opinions are very worthwhile to the f2p and casual spenders, it’s only whether they choose to read and understand it…

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