Just asking. Has anyone else's activity gone down just because?


Long story short, I had to reset my tablet and ended up with a lot more space. Caught up with some old games but honestly, I find myself playing the same two I’ve had before with the exception of one. Now regardless of that fact, my activity has dwindled to an all-time low. First it was Survival Road. Now it’s also events. I could care less about my milestones and trying to rank high enough and the most I put effort into its watching my daily 30 vids. This is also funny because I could care less about that too. I refuse to spend them on the wheel or any of those shitty offers in the Featured tab. And lastly, there’s Leagues. Somehow, I put no effort into solo events and barely raid anymore yet I’ve been avoiding demotion for awhile despite the warnings I’ve got before. I’ve already canned GoH because the daily Challenge/Galactic Wars grind was painfully unbearable, yet I considered that game better (although there was some more things that was pushing me to the brink that RTS wasn’t doing). I have no hope this game will change. Nothing Scopely did has changed my usual activity before. And even if this Skybound Rick becomes a great FTP legendary, I doubt it will change my current mood.

Does anyone else feel the same? I’m calling it now that I’ll quit within two weeks. Sooner if this new Rick turns out to be just another average FTP toon or a promo. Feels a little good to get this all out finally.


Yep, you’re not the only one.


I used to watch 50 vids daily, now I do probably like 10 a week. Some days I retain a strong interest in the game and others I completely don’t feel like playing. So yeah


Why give it 2 weeks?


Like I’ve said, I canned GoH and whatever enthusiasm I have for this game has gone down rather hard. I’ll stick around to see this Skybound Rick but I’m still pretty set on quitting anyway.


Sorta same, I used to be pretty active and was slowly losing interest mainly from real life things and being outside and stuff. Though I won’t quit since I spent money on this sadly.


GoH? What’s that?


Galaxy of Heroes. A Star Wars game. Sorta similar except I’ve never come across one team that beats everyone. Hell, even the most annoying teams go down but not without heavy loss and a mean migraine at the end.


Decided to go very casual today. To many real and actual games I’ve put on the backburner. Sick and tired of this company and the RNG. It’s so in your face now with Rng in every aspect and they seem to be getting desperate with thier cash grabs. Always had to buy ever speck of luck from this game and I’m just tired. Day 1 player. Time to go back to console and steam. At least there the developers usually give a shit


Same with me tho i’m active I notice a huge drop in activity in our region my faction isn’t really playing and very few talk in global chat.it’s really starting to feel like the walkers took over.


I’ve noticed that in the last few LUTs, I’ve managed to maintain top 100 with at least over half a million and better. Either people just didn’t want Eugene that much or some people in my region were getting tired of the grind. FC have always seemed rather dead though as less than a dozen of our players barely even talk.


I think it’s everywhere. A lot hung on for transfers but Scopely gave us a poor version of that and then added leagues and terrible cake/candle leaderboards on top to reduce transfers.

I now only get about 10 raid matches plus the bots of those players so even basic raiding has managed to become even more of a drag.

Every time they add new stuff it highlights what they haven’t fixed and a few more leave each region.


Nice to see a fellow fur, owo


I’m not considering myself one until I can fully immerse within the fandom.


Same same same, im ps4 console gamer, and its it’s a great time to get into it. With red dead, bf5, ac odyssey coming, I’ll soon forget this game and p2w.


First mods then transfers. Leagues is boring it’s basically just a store of stuff we should have already had available. They haven’t added anything new as far as gameplay goes. Same old bugs persist and reappear whenever they do an update.

The game is stale and now it’s even more of a whales paradise with human shields and revives being only p2w and with transfers, it gave every number 2 a chance to move and take over a weaker region.

If they don’t make changes soon I think a lot of people will walk in my opinion.


I’m close… Bored AF.


Played for 3 years.Got banned.Amoste lose my sanity.Find some fun to it.Still addicted to the game even tho I’m f2p.Find some Buddy’s comrade.
-Steve was here


For me there’s too much to do now, constant lv ups, sr tourneys each week, an abundance of roadmaps. And now leagues. Its wearing me down. Getting really fed up. Plus they screwed me out if garrett.


The more needless activities are shoehorned into the game, the more boring the came becomes. Its about spending coins and chasing stats against people who can afford more than you. It’s pretty dull.