Just announce what's going on please

@GR.Scopely just get this under control when you let the people on the forums speculate that’s how tons of bad information gets spread. This ideally should have all been communicated a week ago not after something goes live. Please put all rumors to rest with some sort of info.

Thanks from an annoyed player who laments speculation


Agree the rumours start spinning and escalate rather quickly can you enlighten us @GR.Scopely

problem is that he has no info or control. all he can do is relay to the team.


“Taking it to the team” is just another way of saying you’re not getting an answer and to leave it alone.

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What rumors? What false information?


what rumors…lol how vague is that.

enlighten us to what…

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Ghoul can you log into your @GR.Scopely account and tell us whats going on with the 2 toons added to the ascendable tower. Thanks bud.

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give me 5 mins m8

Right.i took it to the team…2 crap toons were put up…one was removed as deemed better than crap. Which leaves us with one crap toon which will need you all to get a collection…to get a collection…to get a collection …for a chance…hope i explained that well. ha i see what ya did there H2z…but as an employee…i cant say how crap it is


Thanks GR… I mean ghoul. Cant wait to collect some items to do an S15 roadmap for items to open a stash to get some tokens to pull on wheel to get some items to open a roadmap to get a beanie and a burt. I am sure we will see 200 posts complaining about it also.


its working as intended


we would see 200 posts complaining if we gave everyone 100k coins…so nothing new there…edit…they not we…fk

Here is your example of rumors good enough or do you want me to screen shot all the posts about the toons in the museum as well lol

if thats true duffy m8…its a step in right direction…we will see.

What I would like to know is who the fuck is the team lol


its a secret

and if hes admin…no one told me? must have missed that memo.

Lady Geek confirmed he was a troll who has been banned from the forums before but I keep seeing it pop up in chats an people think its legit

we will see…if they do frost and marlon…it will get them brownie points…but cmon…will they? As a new employee i cannot confirm this. Ill ask the team tho.