Just an idea for leagues

Just been thinking and came to the realisation that once upon a time we would get two unique league toons from the store like ezikiel and mirabelle or Regina and Charlie.

What I was thinking was how about being able to purchase a league toon from the store available to everyone like franklin and then like Jason have another one that you can grind out to get or buy the next season.

What would you guys think?

I would be down this - its a combination of both worlds, you could choose to buy or not, or choose to grind it out, or do both. Cool.

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doubt they will do it…

No way they would put so much effort from something they dont earn nothing from.


Its a very good idea… so if you don’t grind out the toon you can purchase it next season as the purchasable toon but just a month or so after those who have ginded for it the previous season. Nice.

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Grinding out toons Jason-style does not work without Season 11-style leagues, and that is over.

Even if it was possible. the one thing this game does not need is a lot more characters released. They’re coming out faster than ever, and that is not good for the health of the game (unless you make them completely useless, and people are already up in arms about decent toons).

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I agree that the release rate of premier toons is too fast, but we are talking about releasing 2 F2P league toons over 2 months rather than 1 over 2 months. That’s a drop in the ocean of the P2P stuff going on atm.
An early grindable toon could make it worth getting promoted so we end up with a season 10/11 hybrid.

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Distinction without a difference really (esp. in the age of cards). Too many toons is too many toons.

It just doesn’t work. Looks like I’m staring in Diamond, how am I going to be promoting to Gold 2? Would take a whole season of not playing just to get there. They could change it to get promoted X times, but that would make playing in a high league even worse than it already is. (Or “be in league Y or higher”, but that’s not how missions seem to work, and would mean it’s no longer about grinding out promotions, just a free handout at the start of the league).

Grinding Jason-style requires leagues to work like in Season 11, and players don’t want that.

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Or, starting in diamond means you’ve already hit those milestones so that you are rewarded for starting high. I’ll hold my hands up here, im starting in diamond and don’t care about the paragon mod this season - i fully intend to get relegated to platinum in the penultimate week so that I can get rings like previous seasons (if that’s how the game wants to reward me that’s how I’ll play it)… if there was a grindable toon and I hit most milestones week 1 by starting in Diamond, this would massively discourage me from using this tactic.


Why not tone down promos then free to play should not be limited to toons but we are.

It does boost activity though it was a lot hard for me to get into diamond this time round then any other season. Plus people probably did spend on Arena tokens and other things just to get Jason.

Like before when they updated the missions what ever rank you where in you just got the rewards straight away which where the ones that gave out for doing things like reach platinum 1 and stuff which were broken.

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So it’s a free handout, not actually grind-based.

Sandbagging in leagues is obviously an issue (though I personally don’t pla to bother with it).
I don’t think you’re doing anything to fixing it this way, and you’re handing out even more toons, when the game can barely handle the amount of toons as it is.

Because the game survives by getting people to spend on toons. If they hand out more for free, they either need to make them completely useless, which helps no one, or speed up the rate at which they increase the power level of promos, which is already crazy.

In the past they could get away with putting up lower variants of Promos, like red Zeke was a variant of Erika. But now that every Promo is free, this doesn’t really work anymore - Lots of people were happy with Zeke, because even a year after Erika was released they didn’t have her. We are no longer in that economy, so even absolutely decent free toons that would have been popular in the 6* era get dragged now.

I doubt it - I saw plenty people that I know don’t spend, even from lower factions and with midling activity (like 10k-ish points in CRW), end up in Platinum 3. It was very doable without spending and with only free toons.

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