Just aheads up for the letter E

You don’t use cans this time, you have to get 3 cans for it to count.


I guess from depot/bags?

what about letter “N” ?


My guess is either the FA or the roadmap with gov? Or just run into him in raids

I heard you’ve to defeat Negan Payback, he’s not in the roadmap, so you’ve to find him somewhere else. maybe in Survival as well…


Correct I had to open a choice box of cans I had in inventory to complete the mission.
I awesome cans from depot or scavenger counts too.
Level up milestones has cans too.

now the “big” question is: “Where to find him?”
he’s not in the T Roadmap

kill payback negan 5 times

Streaks has me confused…it says raids, but tried raiding and the count didn’t change.

Now it counted on the second raid.:man_shrugging:t3:

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And I just bought cans like two days ago? Wtf. I don’t want to use coins just to refresh depot.

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Don’t forget you will also have to raise your player level every 3 days. How much exp does that require and more importantly how many energy cans will it require.

They couldn’t even give us the 5-star version for the holidays without having to grind endlessly and jump through hoops.

Disgraceful practices from a disgraceful company. Why do I keep expecting anything else?


Is it the same every time? I doubt it.

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I’m willing to be it will be. You give them far to much credit to think they will come up with a new set of objectives each time. I guess we will see.

Either way, I’m not some trained circus animal who’s going to jump through hoops to get a toon that’s not even worth the effort.

We used to get events that while they required effort they were completely f2p, weren’t a total grind fest, and they gave us so much more. For a holiday event, this is 100% pure bear s#$% and it smells.

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The raiding is 5 alive 10 times in a row

Who the hell can do that.

All members must be alive too.

It’s easy just don’t hit above your means use food if u gotta

Hopefully it is poorly coded like last event that had 5 alive ten in a row. I had 9 in a row then hit a whale team and had only 3 alive at the end. The counter stayed at 9 and I was sure it would make me do another ten, but one more win with all alive and it completed.