Just a thought on factions

I’m just throwing this out there, but wouldn’t it be more effective to set the wars up to where everyone could participate whether they are in a faction or not?
I wish you’d set it up to where individuals could war w/o a faction. Like a solo war tournament where you fight your way to the top. Or just make a alternate story for the incapable to war so they can get decent chances at points. I feel like it would be a good idea. What do you think?

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I give you… raid


Isn’t that raiding? Fighting your way to the top.

You kind of need a few players for it to be fun. Otherwise it’s a grind. But maybe league wars where players in the league group together for some kind of combat challenge in groups? Idk.

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Yeah but the raids don’t give any one rewards like warring does. I mean a actual competition… Raids you have to fight whoever they spit out that you think you can fight and if you lose you lose points. Right now I’m so high up in raids I can’t find anyone to fight that I wouldn’t lose rep points. I mean a event where you can earn the same as they do in wars. And raids aren’t a special event like wars. And if they did a event like that they could address the ppl who aren’t even in a faction and give them the opportunity to maybe help other factions? Or maybe make teams out of those who can’t war. Just add us up into groups . Idk, but I wish there was a equal playing field for us who don’t have a faction or whose faction isn’t eligible.

Why would anyone be incapable of war? There’s active factions recruiting nonstop, join one and problem is solved.


Raid is it’s own tournament as well lol. Rarely seen nowadays which is a better argument. I think factionless wars would be a disaster for all the factions currently recruiiting.

I read about your 6 person faction, I get you wanting to stay with them, but you’ll need to be patient and recruit or join up with a lower faction than can shift 6 people and build from there. Weakening the importance of factions wouldn’t do any good for the game I think

I’m a major point maker in my group. I won’t leave them until they merge or figure something out and I wouldn’t want to be on a team with anyone who would abandon their original team just for rewards.

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I meant take the 6 and join an active faction. There are at least 5 factions I know that could take 6 active players just in my region.

Well I’m not necessarily saying nix the factions, just find a way to help those out who don’t have/ don’t want/ or factions ineligible. Maybe set up hordes at the same time or something so they can earn too. Or at least something in the same week that earns about the same points. I get that the importance of having factions is a important thing. But I don’t think it would lessen faction importance to figure out a way to help those who aren’t affiliated for whatever reason. Is it really that unfair to ask that they add a way to help us out? And raids aren’t the same. See above message. Lol. I’m just friendly chatting.

Wow that’s not a bad idea. Zion is leader of stark and he and falcor are looking for a team to merge us with. I’m very active. I love this game. I just feel like a little kid watching everyone else play and I have to sit still. Lol. I hope something comes through soon.

To the point of hordes, some people already couldn’t handle a level up and war at the same time, no way they’d put on two time heavy tourneys. And they shouldn’t neither imo, not for war anyway, which needs full attention.

buy 10 phones are create 10 accounts and play
find some friends
move fac
create new toruney and waste time instead of making meaningful change or fixing bugs

pick one
and one only

Like thunderdome? Two men enter, one man leave?

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I love this reply! Yes! Exactly! Lmao! I don’t think its unreasonable to ask for a equal playing ground!

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As suggested, I’d recommend merging your six with another faction. Being in a full, competitive fac will be much more rewarding and fun for all of you


Thanks and we will figure it out. Have a good night and good luck to you on the game. We all need a little good luck sometimes. :joy:. Especially me.

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