Just a thought about the game

I assume you at Scopely understand that those of us still playing do so in spite of the way you currently run your game.

To me it seems obvious that simple changes in the way you run it would get you more players, new and former.

I’d be curious what others think.


Honestly, when new players would know in advance how much time they need to invest in this game they would not even download it.

It‘s an endless grind, here and there a little feeling of luck, but at the end your progress means nothing since you will have to do all previous progress again and again.


Indeed it is an endless grind, but in this current climate of self-isolation it is a welcome grind that helps pass the time

Your sentiment on playing games on and endless grind is not my idea of fun nor how I wish to pass the time.

That being said, I’d grind more than I do if it was for more gear.


You might be better off finding another game to play then, because that’s what 90% of this game is a grind, so you can get better , no fun in wars if your shit ASF cos you haven’t put the time and effort in.
And there is plenty of gear available…you just have to grind for it lol :joy:

I have s Mercer, s princess, s priya and others. I’ll keep my casual playing, thanks.


Grinding isn’t what it used to be. That’s part of the problem.

If new players wanna drop thousands then they first start they can be at the top quick cause grinding wont get you nowhere anytime soon if you wanna compete and I’m sure any new player starting the game will see how bad it is and wont even wanna start playing unless like I said you drop thousands

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Had to quit playing this game just because it stopped being a game and turned into a second job. A second job that I either had to pay to do or work on for hours per day


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