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With bucketgate going on, when do yall think maggie is going to become ascendable to try and sweep it under the rug?


No amount of anything will cover that up, the edited article must drive them furious lol, they are straight up cucked


The fuck is bucketgate (I know the shit going on with venturebeat)

Imma call it bucketgate just because

Who cares,she will be shit anyways


Maybe to sweep everything under the rug the scheduled update could have all 5*'s be in the tower to ascend!
IF that happened the tokens will became so rare it’ll take a year or more to get enough to ascend.

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if she isn’t s class she won’t make a big difference, ascendable 5* are a thing of the past.


Now that would be fun. Everyone would have a huge variety to choose from. So many new and different teams and strategies :slight_smile:

It would be fun though, so they’ll never let it happen.


A six star? In the meta of S class will make things calm down? Errrr no

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