Just a reminder of the original Ascendance announcement


I know I quit the forums, but after a chat with a faction mate I went and looked up the original ascendance announcement, some of it gave me a good laugh, some of it is just depressing in how badly they lied to us, so I thought I would remind everybody how it went.

The Roadmap More Traveled

We’ll be greatly increasing the availability of our Special Gear Roadmaps once the Ascendance Update arrives plus there will be plenty of upgrade gear to be found during the Shiva Force Event coming later this week. We’ll also be adding more gear as milestone and rank rewards in various tournaments. The idea is to try and give a steady supply of the gear needed to Upgrade and Ascend characters at a regular rate.

you could argue that they have given us more gear maps, but still nowhere near enough for how many character they have been giving out.

Ascendance & Legendary Medals
A new item needed for Ascendance are Ascendance and Legendary medals. For 3-Star and 4-Star Ascendance, only normal Ascendance Medals will be needed. To ascend a 5-Star to a 6-Star, special Legendary Medals will be required too. Both Ascendance Medals and Legendary Medals will also be coming from regular occurring Roadmap, as well as being possible rewards from tournaments.

still waiting on this roadmap, I doubt we will ever see it, but I wanted to remind everybody of the original promise.

How do I get Legendary Recruits? Can I buy them?

Legendary Recruits will not be available for direct purchase in Recruits and Rewards. They can only be obtained by ascending your maxed out Epic Recruits.

HAHAHA this still makes me laugh, it was obvious when they promised this that it would effect profits and not last long.

Which Recruits can I Ascend?

At the time the Ascendance update goes live, ALL 3 and 4 star Recruits will be Ascendable, as long as they are max Tier and Level. Epics will be made ascendable over the coming months.

Epics will be made ascendable over the coming months, not years, but months, we are now 4-5 months down the line from the Ascendance update and we have had I think 9 of our old epics made ascendable, how long does months mean, I know its a bit vague, but once you get past a year I would say that could be called years, if we get past 2 years then it has to be called years to me. so in other words what I am saying is over the next year and a half they have to release all of the other 210+ 5* characters to not break another promise, this means they must be really raking up the rate these will be released at some point, if they don’t start releasing them soon they will have to release them at a rate of 1 a day soon.

and then we get to the question and answer section. this is comedy gold I don’t think I even need to comment on some of these.

Quote Originally Posted by seanofthedead
I think this is an awesome way to introduce 6* characters without 5* being obsolete. Very exciting!
Quote Originally Posted by Dash Scopely
This was one of our main considerations when thinking about the introduction of 6-stars - we wanted to validate, rather than diminish the investment you’ve made in your existing roster, and this design delivers on that.

Quote Originally Posted by Kayla-Elbert-DeadHeads View Post
I agree this is mind blowing and a huge step in this game, but what happened to STOP RUSHING OUT NEW STUFF AND FIX THE BROKEN PARTS!?
Quote Originally Posted by Dash Scopely View Post
It’s a big team, and at any given time we’re working on several features in parallel, along with technical improvements. We were doing early work on this feature as far back as the end of last year, for example. Long story short, this won’t impact our work on fixes.

I am going to comment on this one, so they were working on this for 7+ months, and yet 3 months down the line they started to comment that they were running out of toons, that is some serious levels of incompetence.

Quote Originally Posted by IntenseTents View Post
Hopefully they’ll make some of the bad 5* into ascendable ones. Ones that they won’t revamp but make better versions. I have two maxed out 106 AR blue Govs. Or AOW Jesus, Christa, red Clem, Caroline. All the common ones that need better versions.
Quote Originally Posted by Dash Scopely View Post
This is definitely part of the plan. For existing characters, we’re taking care to upgrade a mix of coveted and powerful characters, and less popular or more commonly owned ones. I’m really looking forward to seeing redemption for some of these guys.

we are looking forward to seeing redemption for any of them at the moment, it has been far too long in almost everybody’s eye’s since we have seen any old character being given the upgrade to let us use anything we had worked on over the past 2+ years.

Quote Originally Posted by LordBolton View Post
No one has mentioned adrenaline rush level up. So using same trait character’s won’t work anymore. And you’ll need new special trainers to get ARs up? Or is there still a chance with regular 2 stars?
Quote Originally Posted by Dash Scopely View Post
You’ll need the special trainers for leveling up their rushes and active abilities. This is part of the investment choice I mentioned above, and it’s designed to help make the change here gradual. And of course to give us more stuff you actually want to use as prizes.

At least they didn’t lie about why they would be using 6* specific trainers, I don’t know how I didn’t notice at the time that they would be the next great investment that they expected us to make.

Quote Originally Posted by Saitama View Post
One little request dont make legendary medal pay to get … it will break the game from all big spender…(by break mean unbeatable team with 5 6*)
Quote Originally Posted by Dash Scopely View Post
Legendary medals will definitely be available to free players. Obviously you’ll need to participate in events and things to get them, but we’ll be placing plenty of emphasis on the participation part of that, not just winning.

Still waiting to see how we can get more medals by participating, yeah you can come in 100th in a level up but you only get a fraction of the medals you will need, but who cares as you will need so many specific trainers that it is pointless taking anybody else to 6* anyway.


6 stars started out pretty decent.

Now …

total pay 2 play…
And we all know why.

Scopely wanna inspire pure pay 2 win.

Personally what’s winning even worth.
Every war I lose 2 faction mates.


Yeah that it the one that is most commonly remembered,I have to be honest I almost didn’t include it in this post as the reason I looked this up was to find the original time frame for making all 5* ascendable, and months is going to turn out to be a bigger lie in my opinion.

that was obviously going to change at some point, it surprised me how quickly, but I expected it to change 6 months or so down the line once we had a lot more 6*'s floating around, but they did it so quickly as they were clearly not bringing in enough cash.


Every war our region loses more and more players. Players have lost interest and are not willing to put in effort for no rewards. Apperently the goal here is to make the game fair and not be competitive. As long as rewards remain the way they are this will continue. At this point who cares about t4 6* when we are having a region war for a 5* that was maybe good a year ago. Actually I believe I won Jackson about a year ago in a war and even then was nothing special…but as long as the game is fair it’s all good. Giving horrible rewards to all is keeping it fair. The rewards are suppose to be helping new players. They are doing this by having unachievable milestones for them. But it’s fair


Yeah some of the optimism in the original post surprised me, I forgot how they tried to sell it as a good way to revamp what we already had.

Winning certainly doesn’t feel worth the effort it takes anymore, let alone any actual money. they have ruined the reward structure, so there is nothing to aim for, therefore nothing to motivate players to actually try other than pride.


Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me. They peddle “hope” of improvements to increase the life of the game. If you remove yourself from spending or caring about what they say and focus on what they do then I guarantee you will enjoy the game more.

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I have to be honest my faction didn’t care at all, we ended up finishing about 30th this CRW, however I also happened to ascend a 4* alert character and got the same reward for that as the top faction in my region did for coming second this CRW. What is there about that to inspire anybody to put any effort in.

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We literally were begging people to war. Normally we fill up so quick u can’t even get reserves. Now we sit in que for sometimes 30 min + to fill up. And i have encouraged people up until this point to at least do it for the fun of war and the little prizes given
I officially give up on trying to boost others to play when I can’t even bring myself to want to. I honestly spent sunday not feeling well and slept a lot the day and I didn’t feel one bit bad. I enjoyed the off time. Still did my part but I’ve lost any motivation.

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In my region, we are Faction number 1. CRW, saturday afternoon with only 4 players online. Every day members of my Faction leaves the game. They say it’s because personal problems, but in deep we know what happened "/


well you could look at this game as a personal problem


Yeah I enjoy spending time with my faction mates and if that happens to mean we log in and war for a bit that is good, we even had a couple of wars that were actually fun, no coining on either sides but repairing and actually waiting the time out, used that time to chat, reminded me why I actually used to really like this game.

I spent plenty of time over the weekend not glued to my phone and it was a real relief, spent time with the family and doing some DIY, a much better use of my time. and the money I am not spending at the moment means I can afford to spoil my niece and nephew which they love. I can only see how much effort I put in going down from here on out.


I don’t want to hit like to show how much I agree with this, as I don’t like it, but I do agree with everything you are saying.


Its started out nice as mentioned…turn to total pay to win. Took away the advantage of being a day 1 player for ftp players.

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