Just a quick appreciation


Most times, the forum is filled with anger and hatred, but sometimes it’s also important to appreciate few things.

So, I just would like to say thanks to @kalishane for providing us with an up-to-date event calendar.
It’s always a good thing to know when we should expect events. (makes my life easier)
(probably someone has posted a similar thread, but still…it’s good to show some appreciation sometimes)



It’s very nice to have.


Lmao. I was going to make this thread last night, but you saved me the time.


Agreed very nice that we know what we can aspect and can prepare for that:slight_smile:


Aww thanks everyone.

I’m so happy to be able to help where I can.

Things have gotten less-crazy for me so I’m able to focus a bit more on other ways I can help.

If anyone has ever had any other thoughts or suggestions for the community – feel free to reach out to me. :slight_smile: