Just a little curious

We have player’s in coweta ghosting crits often (sending territories back to Walker’s) Do y’all have player’s in your region’s doing the same thing?

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Yes and I’m in two minds about it. On the one hand, I don’t like it (ie when it’s happening to me lol) because it’s hard work.

On the other hand (like when I’m the one doing it - I admit it) teams are precious and often if nobody is attacking for long enough, I have to bail to help defend elsewhere.


I like the survivors you get. No complaints here.

That’s true. I did get a 4* wep once too. Need more people to participate though, the only downside.

Iv done it for shits and giggles before kinda like hold my beer and watch this shit kinda thing but that was awhile ago. If it happens on something we want back I’ll wait for another faction to clear walkers then take it. There main excuses are it’s a strategy thinking it hurts us in the top faction or they say that the game glitched when putting teams in and went to Walker’s. I put teams in first hit and had the game has froze before and reset but my teams is still added

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All the time.

It’s a great strategy our faction does this all the time

The five weapons crafting territories are a great place to farm. I’ve gotten several 4* weapons and a total of 3 Lillith from clearing walkers.

If a faction wants the buffs, then they need 2-3 people to clear it

My region came to an agreement to not send weapon territories to walkers and only put 1 team in it.