Just a heads up (small print

If you’re going to do the free signup remember to cancel over 24 hours in advance. (look at the bottom of the screenshots


Use Google play cards


tbh, after giving this subject some thought, I’m not that bothered by this club thing.
If you’re willing to drop that much money on this game, I believe you should have an advantage.
just what i think.


so if i delete my card informatiom from google play would i be charge
yes or no

Y not just cancel?

Honestly I’d prefer if it was just an accelerator, but it never has been

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Honestly the craft without parts makes it worth it if it means no more duct tape

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Duct tape is an optional part and will still be needed


Not really. They’re handing them out so often you shouldn’t need to buy any optional parts at all.

I believe.

Require parts - no longer required

Optional - business as usual

I personally am hoping the developer hops on here to correct me, but I fear I am correct.


Picture from beta. Required parts no longer required, but you still have to use optional parts if you want increased chance at success/crit


Ty for sharing

I. E. Serves no value to well established players.


Seems alot of the value is in this category.


If I sign up for the trial, I get the free andrea and +100 roster space permanently? You dont lose the 100 roster space when the trial ends do you?

That’s disappointing… maybe they should add 30% added crit chance then to members

What a waste… once again they are trying to deceive players with their wording. Why would this benefit any player? I have in the thousands of all those items. So cross off one perk of being a member.

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It’s actually pretty common practice for subscriptions. You often have to turn off auto-renewal before the trial ends.


Anybody know if the one pull a day stacks? Doubtful but might be worth getting this if it does, works out cheaper in the long run

I’m sure they expire. Seen a SS earlier.

If the Andrea is worth it, I’ll gladly take advantage of the free trial. Although 50% off ascendance cost would’ve been nice as well.

If she doesn’t require the special gear to max her 5* out, she’ll have uses for me :slight_smile: