Just a heads up for people thinking you have to buy peas and carrots

posted this in a comment but figured other people would think it’s helpful as well.

So every 2 days the map unlocks, and you get 1,300 for each time you complete it.

i have not missed a single roadmap so i currently have 7,800 peas and carrots

there are going to be 11 days left when the road map unlocks in the next 24 hours.

i’m going to round it to 10 days though because the roadmap unlocks every 2 days so it wouldn’t go into an odd number.

and if it unlocks every 2 days during that 10 day window, you will have 5 goes at the roadmap.

so, if you haven’t missed a day like i have,

you will get 6,500 peas and carrots by the end of the 10 days.

7,800 + 6,500 = 14,300

Princess is 13,000.

Remainder of 1,300, so you can even miss two days.

Everybody calm down, you WILL get Princess.


Bryan costs 14k so you can get him also without buying offers, if you completed all roadmaps

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whoops lol, i mixed him up with Ezekiel from the league store for 15,000.

Scopely will probably find a way to milk money from this and stop the roadmap before the final milestones so you can buy the tokens,hopefully it doesn’t end up that way

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Honestly wouldn’t be surprised if what i said happens,but it would be cool if they can keep everything as it is,with that said :“keep surviving”.

Imo when the museum toons are meh like these are(princess is a solid taunter but thats it, bryan can be a hit or miss with cd2 and his weapon sucks, rose is only usefull for line def down imo) they will only require grindind rm’s…tbh the only toon that was difficult to get from museum, at least for me, was dwight and i still got him without spending

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