Just a friendly reminder


The masses would still like for you to consider a Wood to Food conversion system moving forward at some point.

Please see if this possible. Even at reduced rate of return, having a viable way to convert wood, would be good if we could.


If you want wood to food system, then convert all of your wood camps to scavenger camps, or you can sell the majority of your gear, items, and weapons for food.


Wtf are u talking about dude lol


Great idea.


Good suggestion and it rhymes. Nice!


And do all the useless wood missions? Sorry, but your comment made me laugh.


There’s something that needs to be done with woods, clearly. Nevertheless, wood to food is definitely not a good solution even though it would be very beneficial to me. Imo it would further increase the gap between older and newer player because long time players all have thousands and thousands of combat item to spare. If implemented, there would need some kind of reset.


I’d happily have a bonfire where i can discard wood with nothing in return,


That’s actually a good idea ^^
It’s a pain in the ass to get rid of all the wood SR tourney gives. I often think about destroying my wood depot to lower the limit but am afraid of a possible map extension with new building to build xD


I have no wood production and still stay full. Trust me, you won’t miss it. Lol


Perhaps make some of the higher battle items such as grenades and flashbangs sell for gear tokens. We can then craft them to use up wood and then sell for gear tokens to purchase either food or gear we need.

Also, add the ability to craft shirts and gloves in the workshop for wood.


I also have no wood production (who would keep that xD) but you never know if we won’t be able to build new buildings later. Having to rebuild wood depot to have enough wood would be too long. Not a risk I’m willing to take ^^


might take a min, but another option could be killing one of your workshops and rebuilding. i quick collect till lvl 9 then reset. its slower that crafting items, but doesnt tap into your other resources, plus you dont need 4 of those mfs sitting around doing nothing, so why not.


Well then, mission complete lol.


Solution to this is so simple as to be absurd.

Simply make one of the high replenish manufactures use wood instead of food. Problems solved.

I can barely type but would still be able to code that.

@Agrajag @CombatDevIl @Shawn.Scopely



I bet they’ll pretend they read it wrong and release a food for wood conversion instead. Lol